#405 — September 28, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

30 Seconds of Code: A Curated Collection of Useful JavaScript Snippets — We first linked this project last year, but it’s just had a ‘1.1’ release where lots of the snippets have been updated and improved, so if you want to do lots of interesting things with arrays, math, strings, and more, check it out.

30 Seconds

Mastering Modular JavaScript — Nicolas has been working on this book about writing robust, well-tested, modular JavaScript code for some time now, and it’s finally been published as a book. You can read it online for free too, or even direct from the book’s git repo.

Nicolas Bevacqua

Burn Your Logs — Use Sentry's open source error tracking to get to the root cause of issues. Setup only takes 5 minutes.

Sentry sponsor

Parcel 1.10.0 Released: Babel 7, Flow, Elm, and MoreParcel is a really compelling zero configuration bundler and this release brings Babel 7, Flow and Elm support. GitHub repo.

Devon Govett

TypeScript 3.1 Released — TypeScript brings static type-checking to the modern JavaScript party, and this latest release adds mappable tuple and array types, easier properties on function declarations, and more. Want to see what’s coming up in 3.2 and beyond? Here’s the TypeScript roadmap.


Trix 1.0: A Rich Text Editor for the Web — A WYSIWYG editor developed by the folks at Basecamp. 1.0 has just dropped and introduces support for image galleries.


💻 Jobs

Mid-Level Front End Engineer @ HITRECORD (Full Time, Los Angeles) — Our small dynamic team is looking for an experienced frontend developer to help build and iterate features for an open online community for creative collaboration.


Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking JavaScript devs.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Creating Flocking Behavior with Virtual Birds — A gentle and effective walkthrough of creating and animating flocks of virtual birds.

Drew Cutchins

Rethinking JavaScript Test Coverage — The latest version of V8 offers a native code coverage reporting feature and here’s how it works with Node.

Benjamin Coe (npm, Inc.)

Getting Started with the Node-Influx Client Library — The node-influx client library features a simple API for most InfluxDB operations and is fully supported in Node and the browser, all without needing any extra dependencies.

InfluxData sponsor

How Dropbox Migrated from Underscore to Lodash


Create a CMS-Powered Blog with Vue.js and ButterCMS

Jake Lumetta, et al.

Understanding Type-Checking and 'typeof' in JavaScript

Glad Chinda

Airbnb's Extensive JavaScript Style Guide — Airbnb’s extremely popular guide continues to get frequent updates.


Webinar: Getting the Most Out of MongoDB on AWS

mongodb sponsor

16 JavaScript Podcasts to Listen To in 2018 — Podcasts, like blogs, have a way of coming and going, but these are all ready to listen to now.

François Lanthier Nadeau podcast

Five Tips to Write Better Conditionals in JavaScript

Jecelyn Yeen

🔧 Code and Tools

Tabulator: A Fully Featured, Interactive Table JavaScript Library — Create interactive data tables quickly from any HTML table or JavaScript or JSON data source.

Oli Folkerd

Vandelay: Automatically Generate Import Statements in VS Code

Visual Studio Marketplace

APIs and Infrastructure for Next-Gen JavaScript Apps — Build and scale interactive, immersive apps with PubNub - chat, collaboration, geolocation, device control and gaming.

PubNub sponsor

Apify SDK: Scalable Web Crawling and Scraping from Node — Manage and scale a pool of headless Chrome instances for crawling sites.


Cloudflare Adds a Fast Distributed Key-Value Store to Its Serverless JavaScript Platform

Stephen Pinkerton and Zack Bloom (Cloudflare)

turtleDB: For Building Offline-First, Collaborative Web Apps — It uses the in-browser IndexedDB database client-side but can then use MongoDB as a back-end store for bi-directional sync.

turtle DB

An Example of a Dynamic Input Placeholder — This is a really neat effect.

Joe B. Lewis