#407 — October 12, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

Calls Between JavaScript and WebAssembly Are Finally Fast — JavaScript is fast. WebAssembly is fast. But the interoperability between the two is where things can lag a little. In the latest Firefox, this has changed, and here’s an amazingly accessible writeup of the how and why. You will learn something here.

Lin Clark

13 Games in Under 13KB of JavaScript — A look at some of GitHub’s favorite entries to the recent js13kGames 2018 competition where you have to build a game in under 13 kilobytes, assets and all.


Level Up Your JavaScript Error Monitoring 🚀 — Identify impactful errors at a glance. Sort errors by event count or users impacted to find ones that occur most frequently or affect a large segment of users. Get to the root cause of errors quickly with automatic diagnostic collection. Try it free.

Bugsnag sponsor

Rethinking Unit Test Assertions“Well written automated tests always act as a good bug report when they fail, but few developers spend time to think about what information a good bug report needs.”

Eric Elliott

▶  What’s New in Create React App 2.0: A Video SeriesCreate React App 2.0 is only a week old, but Elijah Manor has already put together a set of handy, brief videos on using it for egghead.io.

Elijah Manor

Ways to Eliminate Common React Performance Issues — A pragmatic step-by-step guide to eliminating common React-related performance issues. And if you like this, hop over to our React-specific newsletter for more :-)

Ohans Emmanuel

The ARM Instruction Set Now Includes JavaScript-Focused Optimizations — The iPhone XS is already trumping even the iMac Pro on a particular JS benchmark, and it looks set to go further.. Interesting times! (Very) technical details here.

John Gruber

💻 Jobs

Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer — Small, smart teams, challenging work, modern tech, great benefits, and a carefully curated emoji library. 100% Remote.


Platform Engineer - React, GraphQL & Node.js (NYC) — Bustle is seeking engineers to help us build a world-class serverless publishing platform at a mind-boggling scale.

Bustle Digital Group

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Isaac Z. Schleuter on the Node + JS Foundation Merger — The creator of npm shares his excitement about the recently announced merger.

The npm Blog

Dockerizing Java Apps with CircleCI and Jib — The evolution of deployment platforms and orchestration engines has been a tremendous accelerant for application and infrastructure teams alike.

CircleCI sponsor

Getting Started with Nuxt.jsNuxt.js is a framework for creating universal (both front-end and back-end) Vue.js-powered apps.

Nosa Obaseki

What You Need to Know About Vue CLI 3 — Vue CLI provides a standard build toolchain for Vue.js apps.

Alex Kyriakidis

Using Nested Forms in Angular 6

Neel Bhatt

How to Create Custom Angular Pipes and Dynamic Locales

Michael Karén

Build a Text-To-Speech Chat App with Amazon Polly — Accessibility shouldn’t be overlooked. Allow chat users to play chat messages with natural language.

ChatEngine sponsor

Taming this in JavaScript with the Bind 'Operator' — A pretty complete tutorial on a JavaScript feature that doesn’t exist yet, though the author hopes it will help champion its case and hopes you’ll star its proposal. See what you think.

Willian Martins

My Serverless Adventure — A JavaScript developer shares his initial experiences, pitfalls, best practices, and tips for building serverlessly using AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework.

Mateo Karadza

🔧 Code and Tools

JavaScript Visualizer — A tool for visualizing execution contexts, hoisting, closures, and scopes in the browser.

Tyler McGinnis

Aurelia CLI 1.0 Beta 1: Now with an Auto-Tracing Bundler — At 4 years old, Aurelia, a next-gen client app framework, continues to innovate both with a new bundler and vNext, a raft of ideas to improve the framework under the hood.

Chunpeng Huo

InfluxDays: The Only Event Focused on the Impact of Time Series Data

InfluxData sponsor

Muze: Build Composable Data Visualizations for the Web — Composable, can be themed with CSS, supports dynamic binding for tooltips and other ‘reactions’, stackable layouts..


mb: Exception-Free Nested Nullable Attribute Accessor — It’s literally 51 bytes of code. Figure out how it works for a fun exercise.

Burak Can

Flatbush: Fast Static Spatial Index for 2D Points and Rects — We first linked this several months ago but a new version is now out.

Vladimir Agafonkin

BBob: Fast, Pure JavaScript BBCode Transforming and Parsing — BBCode is a text markup format commonly used on forums and wikis.

Nikolay Kostyurin

Walt: A JS-Like Syntax for the WebAssembly Text Format — An in-progress experiment for using a JS-inspired alternative syntax for WebAssembly to write to as ‘close to the metal’ as possible.

Arthur Buldauskas

Ember 3.4 Released

The Ember Team