#414 — November 30, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

How a Popular Node Package Was Compromised

How a Popular Node Package Was Compromised — We focused on this story heavily in yesterday’s Node Weekly, but long story short, a malicious developer gained access to a popular npm module and added code that could steal cryptocurrency information.

Zach Schneider

The React 16.x Roadmap — If you’ve been following the React world over the past year, you’ll have run into a variety of new concepts like hooks and ‘Suspense’ and possibly wondered how it all fits into the big picture. This tidily explains all.

Dan Abramov

New Course: Introduction to Node.js by Scott Moss ✨👀 — Node.js can be used for build tools, desktop apps, mobile apps, databases, and more. Learn the foundations of Node.js so you can go forward and create fantastic JavaScript apps outside the browser.

Frontend Masters sponsor

A Vue from Ionic: Ionic Gains Support for Vue.js — Ionic is a popular collection of UI components for building high-quality, cross-platform apps both on the Web and natively. It’s historically been aimed at Angular developers but is extending support for Vue.js developers.

The Official Ionic Blog

Announcing TypeScript 3.2 — TypeScript (the language that brings static type-checking to JavaScript) gets a variety of improvements here such as type-checking for BigInts, recognition of Object.defineProperty declarations, and stricter checking for bind, call, and apply.

Daniel Rosenwasser (Microsoft)

▶  A Quest to Guarantee Responsiveness: Scheduling On and Off the Main Thread — A 30 minute talk exploring two high-level strategies to improve responsiveness: main thread scheduling, and moving work into background threads (via Web Workers).

Google Chrome Developers

An Extensive Guide to Progressive Web Applications — PWAs use JavaScript and modern Web technologies to provide app-like experiences in the browser. This post wraps up all the pieces that are involved pretty well.

Ankita Masand

💻 Jobs

Sr. Angular Engineer at Services/Product Firm (Toronto /Remote) — Do you love Angular and helping teams build products? Join forces with thought-leaders and Fortune 500 teams. Code, teach, speak.


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📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Switching to Parcel from Webpack — How to take a Webpack config that handles Sass, Babel, vendor-prefixing, plus more, and do it with Parcel instead.

Sunil Sandhu

A Complete Guide To Routing in Angular — An introduction to Angular Router and using it to create client-side apps and Single Page Apps with routing and navigation.

Ahmed Bouchefra

Using Promise.prototype.finally() in TypeScript — Lets you execute a callback function once the promise that it’s called on has been settled.

Marius Schulz

The Subtle Art of Code Golf in JavaScript — Code ‘golf’ is the art/hobby of reducing code to as small a footprint as possible - usually for fun or as a challenge. Here we get to see some practical ways to do this.

Thomas Lesscake

Handling Complex Data Integrations in JavaScript Apps

Progress Kinvey sponsor

The JavaScript Object Paradigm and Prototypes Explained Simply

Sean Maxwell

▶  How Math In JavaScript Can Be Awesome — How JS is becoming a great platform for mathematics and scientific computing in areas like deep learning and numerical analysis.

Dominic Kramer

Comparing JavaScript HTTP Request Libraries — Surface level summaries of Supertest, the Fetch API, Axios, Request, and SuperAgent.

Chidume Nnamdi

A Set of Best Practices for JavaScript Projects


🔧 Code and Tools

ncc: The Node.js Compiler Collection — Outputs a self-contained script that bundles all its dependencies by using webpack.


Spin Up a Continuous Delivery Server in Less Than 5 Minutes — Trying out CD tools can take some time, so the GoCD team created a quick start option for new users. Try now.

GoCD sponsor

Sortable: A Reorderable Drag-and-Drop List Library — Well established and happy on both desktop and mobile/touch. Live demos here.

Lebedev Konstantin

CoolTextArea: A Vue Textarea with Embedded Emoji PickerGitHub repo.

Kevin de Faveri Aguiar

progress-estimator: A Progress Bar and Time Estimate for Promises — Tracks time between responses to make the completion time estimates more accurate.

Brian Vaughn

Become More Productive with the IDE That Understands Your Code — With smart code completion and powerful refactorings, WebStorm makes it easier to work with complex projects.

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Vue Lazy Image Loading: Lazy Image & Background Loading Plugin

Artur Subotkevič

Cytoscape.js: Graph/Network Visualization and Analysis Library

Cytoscape Consortium