#416 — December 14, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

Pika: A Searchable Catalog of ES Module npm Packages — Most packages in the main npm repository are published as Node.js/Common.js-style modules which aren’t so good for front-end development. Pika lets you search only for fast, modern packages using the ES module syntax.

Fred K. Schott

A Guide to the CSS Object Model (CSSOM) — If you’ve written JavaScript in a front-end context, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with the DOM (Document Object Model) but there’s also the CSS Object Model, a set of APIs allowing the manipulation of CSS from JavaScript. A lot of detail and examples here.

Louis Lazaris

Level Up Your JavaScript Error Monitoring 🚀 — Identify impactful errors at a glance. Sort errors by event count or users impacted to find ones that occur most frequently or affect a large segment of users. Get to the root cause of errors quickly with automatic diagnostic collection. Try it free.

Bugsnag sponsor

Quicklink: Faster Subsequent Page-Loads by Prefetching Visible Links — A new project from Google Chrome Labs that aims to make subsequent page loads quicker by prefetching links that are currently in the view point during idle time.

Google Chrome Labs

19 Ways to Become a Better Node Developer in 2019 — Highlights tips, skills and strategies that may prove valuable over the coming months. This was very popular in yesterday’s Node Weekly and most of the points are applicable to all JavaScript developers.

Yoni Goldberg

A Look at Public and Private Class Fields — Several proposals expand JavaScript’s existing class syntax with new features such as public class fields in V8 v7.2 and Chrome 72, as well as private class fields later on. Here’s how it looks.

Mathias Bynens

JavaScript Growth and Third Parties — Web performance expert Steve Souders doesn’t pull any punches here: “JavaScript is the main cause for making websites slow. Ten years ago it was network bottlenecks…” Performance budgeting and monitoring is a must.

Steve Souders

💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Sr. Back-End Developer - Node/Mongo/Angular/AWS (Atlanta) — Growing HealthIT startup with modern stack. Major focus on company culture and prof. development. Competitive comp+options.


Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Creating My First Chrome Extension — A ‘generous measure of know-how’ on the subject of creating extensions for Chrome.

Jennifer Wong

Metaprogramming, Higher-Order Components and Mixins with Angular Ivy — Ivy is the name of Angular’s forthcoming faster new renderer. Learn a few things about its new powers here.

Victor Savkin

Get the Confidence to Use Kotlin in Your Projects… in 2 Days — JetBrains Certified - Limited to 20 students - Coming to a city near you.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Real-Time Object Detection in 10 Lines of Code with TensorFlow.js — Includes interactive demos. It’s amazing what you can do in the browser now.

Nick Bourdakos

Why Do React Hooks Rely on Call Order?

Dan Abramov

7 Ways to Create a JavaScript Function

Nicolai August Hagen

Picking an Interactive Map Theme with Vue.js

Nic Raboy

▶  Building a Simple Virtual DOM from Scratch — The audio isn’t great but the speaker is engaging and almost everyone could get something valuable from this 40 minute talk.

Jason Yu

The Developer’s Guide to Not Losing the Metrics You Need

InfluxData sponsor

JavaScript and Civil Rights — Thoughts on the human factors side of JavaScript and “the potential impact of web interfaces on users’ civil rights.”

Marcy Sutton

Netflix's Learnings From Adopting GraphQL

Artem Shtatnov and Ravi Srinivas Ranganathan (Netflix)

thank u, next: An Introduction to Linked Lists — A creative Ariana Grande-themed post on linked lists. TBH I thought she was singing “bacon eggs” till now.. :-)

Ali Spittel

🔧 Code and Tools

JSON Generator: A Tool for Generating Random Data — Generate any random data you want online with agile JavaScript-powered templates.

Vazha Omanashvili

Deno: A Secure TypeScript Runtime On V8 — Ryan Dahl’s project has made a lot of progress recently so if you want to run TypeScript outside of the browser environment and not use Node.js, give it a try.

Ryan Dahl

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and displays the results of expressions right in your editor as you type.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Rendora: A Dynamic Renderer for Zero-Conf Server-Side Rendering — It’s built in Go, but you might find this useful for using headless Chrome to do server-side rendering of client-rendered content for bots, etc.


A Minimal Google Analytics Snippet — Forget the 73KB of code Google’s ‘Tag Manager’ and Analytics library needs and use this 1KB of code instead to track your pageviews (and only pageviews) with Google Analytics.

David Kunnen

billboard.js 1.7: A Simple Chart Library Based on D3 v4+ — A new version just dropped with multiple axes support, a new theme, and TypeScript support.

Naver Corp

matchit: Quickly Parse and Match URLs

Luke Edwards

Ember 3.6 Released

Melanie Summer, Kenneth Larsen and Chris Garrett

wolkenkit 3.0: A CQRS and Event Sourcing Framework for JS and Node — A DDD (domain-driven design)-oriented foundation for apps.

Sophie van Sky