#463 — November 15, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

Build Your Own React — An interestingly presented walkthrough of creating your own React-a-like from scratch. You’ll need some time (and be gentle with the scrolling) but this is an interesting way to present such a walkthrough.

Rodrigo Pombo

The Bytecode Alliance: Building A Secure-by-Default, Composable Future for WebAssembly — The Bytecode Alliance is a new industry partnership (originally between Mozilla, Fastly, Intel, and Red Hat) designed to forge WebAssembly’s ‘outside-the-browser’ future. If you’re not yet in sync with why WebAssembly outside the browser makes sense, this announcement should give you a good idea.

Mozilla Hacks

Hone Your JavaScript Skills in Just One Week — Catch up on all the JavaScript advancements and in just one week you’ll be prepared to pick up and apply whatever the web ecosystem throws at you for years to come.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

The Introductory Guide to AssemblyScript — AssemblyScript, a TypeScript-to-WebAssembly compiler, provides a way to get around the steep learning curve for WebAssembly and makes it easier to integrate features that need WebAssembly into typical JS projects.

Danny Guo

Results of the 2019 Front-End Tooling Survey — Over 3,000 developers took part in this front-end tooling survey, answering a wide range of questions on things such as tooling and methodologies. React and Vue leapt up in popularity since last year with jQuery and Lodash dropping. Webpack dominates in the bundler space, Jest dominates the testing space, and most of us are using ESLint.

Ashley Nolan

Brendan Eich, Inventor of JavaScript, Did a Reddit AMA — He also helped co-found Mozilla and has just launched version 1.0 of Brave, a privacy-focused browser. Several of the questions are about Brendan’s work on JavaScript and may be of interest.


30 Seconds of Code: A Curated Collection of Useful JS Snippets — We’ve linked this project a couple of times over the years, but it has continued to get lots of updates, so if you want to do lots of interesting things with arrays, math, strings, vectors, and more, check it out. A handy resource.

30 Seconds

⚡️ Quick Releases

💻 Jobs

Frontend Developer - React (Remote or UK) — Work from anywhere. Build the next generation analytic platform serving the world's leading brands.


Senior Software Engineer at Getty (Los Angeles, CA) — Build fantastic tools and interfaces at one of the world's most prestigious cultural heritage orgs using Linked-Open-Data, Python, Structured-CMS, Vue.js.

J. Paul Getty Trust

Find a Job Through Vettery — Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers. Vettery is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Handling null and undefined in JavaScript — What are the best strategies to minimize errors caused by values that could be null, undefined, or otherwise uninitialized at runtime?

Eric Elliott

An Early Look at the Vue 3 Composition API in the Wild — A good way to see some of the benefits of the new API.

Mateusz Rybczonek

Making an Audio Waveform Visualizer with Vanilla JavaScript — A really neat tutorial that breaks down the problem well.

Matthew Ström

Why Unit Tests Aren’t ‘Tests’

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A console Cheat Sheet — An illustrated tour of the most popular console methods for debugging code from the dev tools.

Javascript Jeep

How to Add Testing to An Existing Project — Because test-driven development is often more a dream than the reality.

Kent C Dodds

Understanding Client Side Routing by Implementing a Router in Vanilla JS

Will Taylor

How Discord Achieves Native iOS Performance with React Native — Discord, the popular gamer-aimed chat system, chose React Native very early on as the basis for their iOS app, but they’ve had to invest a lot of effort in keeping it performant.

Miguel Gaeta

Top CI Pipeline Best Practices - A Developer's Guide

Datree.io sponsor

Making Instagram.com Faster: Code Size and Execution Optimizations — The latest in a series of JavaScript performance posts from the Instagram team.

Glenn Conner

How TypeScript 3.7 Helps Quality — A look at TypeScript 3.7 through the lens of how its new features impact code quality.

Matt Eland

🔧 Code & Tools

JSON Generator: A Tool for Generating Random Data — Generate any random data you want online with agile JavaScript-powered templates. (Possibly stick with the 'old' version for now, though, the 'new' beta doesn't seem to work properly for me.)

Vazha Omanashvili

pm2 4.2 Released: The Node Production Process Manager — A very mature and widely used process manager that includes a load balancer for keeping Node apps alive forever and to reload them without downtime.

Alexandre Strzelewicz

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and code and displays them right in your editor as you type, making your development feedback loop more productive.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Ky: Tiny, Elegant Fetch-Based HTTP Client for Browsers — Makes the Fetch API tidier to use as shown here.

Sindre Sorhus

Ajv: A Fast JSON Schema Validator — Supports v5, v6, and v7 proposals and claims to be both the fastest validator for both Node and browser.

Evgeny Poberezkin

Fabric.js 3.5: A SVG-to-Canvas and Canvas-to-SVG Library — Essentially provides an interactive object model on top of an HTML5 canvas.


progress-estimator: A Progress Bar and Time Estimate for Promises — Tracks time between responses to make the completion time estimates more accurate.

Brian Vaughn

vue-spotify: A Spotify Client Built with Vue.js and Vuex