#477 — February 28, 2020

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JavaScript Weekly

▶  Vue.js: The Documentary — A well produced 30 minute documentary (from the creators of the previously popular Ember.js documentary) focused on Evan You, the development of Vue.js, its position in our ecosystem, and the userbase.


Rome: A New Experimental JavaScript Toolchain from Facebook — Includes a compiler, linter, formatter, bundler, and testing framework (these are all new and not existing tools) and aims to be a comprehensive tool for anything related to the processing of JavaScript code. It comes from Sebastian McKenzie, one of the creators of both Babel and Yarn.

Facebook Experimental

Master State Management with Redux & Typescript at ForwardJS — Join us for a full day in-depth React workshop at ForwardJS Ottawa. Further talks touch on TypeScript, containers, design systems, static sites, scaling teams and monorepos.

ForwardJS sponsor

How Autotracking Works — This is really interesting! It’s a truly deep dive into Ember’s new reactivity system but is applicable to your thinking as a JavaScript developer generally. Autotracking, at its core, is about tracking the values that are used during a computation so that computation can be memoized. Lots to learn here.

Chris Garrett

V8 v8.1's Intl.DisplayNames — Another six weeks have passed so there’s another version of the V8 JavaScript engine that underpins Chrome and Node. In 8.1 we gain a Intl.DisplayNames method for displaying translated names of languages, regions, written scripts and currencies. More detail here.

Dominik Inführ

React v16.13.0 Released — Mostly a release for bugfixes and new deprecation warnings to help prepare for a future major release.

⚡️ Quick Releases

💻 Jobs

Find a Dev Job Through Vettery — Vettery is completely free for job seekers. Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


Lead Server-Side Developer (Sydney or Remote across AUS/NZ) — Build back-end frameworks server side software (Express.js + MongoDB + GraphQL) and write server-side code (JavaScript, Node.js).


ℹ️ If you're interested in running a job listing in JavaScript Weekly, there's more info here.

📘 Articles & Tutorials

Metrics, Logs, and Traces in JavaScript Tools — A look at the different types of useful metrics available to JavaScript developers.

Shawn Wang

You've Got to Make Your Test Fail — Tests are great, but they need to (initially) fail! “If you’re not careful you can write a test that’s worse than having not tests at all.”

Kent C Dodds

Interactive Lab: Build a JS+Python Serverless Application — Join IBM's Upkar Lidder and learn how to build a cloud-native Visual Recognition service.

IBM Developer sponsor

How to Use requestAnimationFrame() with Vanilla JS — If you’ve never really had a use for this feature, but want to know how it works, this is easy to follow with some simple demos.

Chris Ferdinandi

Getting Started with Ember Octane: Building a Blog — We haven’t linked an Ember framework tutorial for a while and this is a neat one.

Frank Treacy

Automated Headless Browser Scripts in Node with Puppeteer — A walk-through on how to use Puppeteer to write scripts to interact with web pages programmatically. The example project is based on a native lands location API.

Sam Agnew

The Mindset of Component Composition in Vue — A step-by-step tutorial building a search bar component. Good for those already familiar with Vue but maybe want to see another developer’s perspective on component composition.

Marina Mosti

Getting Started with Vuex: A Beginners Guide — This claims to be a “brief” tutorial, but there’s lots of meat here for those looking to understand Vuex, the state management solution for Vue.js apps.


Web Rebels Conference - CFP Ends 1st of March — Web Rebels is back on the 14-15th of May 2020 in Oslo, Norway. Submit to our CFP or get a ticket and join us for two days of JS.

Web Rebels Conference sponsor

What is a Type in TypeScript? Two Perspectives — Describes two perspectives (types as sets of values and type compatibility relationships) to help understand types in TypeScript.

Axel Rauschmayer

▶  Building a Reusable Pagination Component in Vue.js

Jeffrey Biles

How to Quickly Scaffold and Architect A New Angular App

Tomas Trajan

🔧 Code & Tools

Scala.js 1.0: A Scala to JavaScript Transpiler — An alternative way to build robust front-end web applications in Scala.


exifr: A Fast, Versatile JS EXIF Reading Library — Exif (EXchangeable Image File Format) is a common metadata format embedded into image and other media files. More here, including examples.

Mike Kovařík

React Query 1.0: Hooks for Fetching, Caching and Updating Data — Hooks that help you keep your server cache state separate from your global state and let you read and update everything asynchronously. There’s a lot to enjoy here.

Tanner Linsley

Electron React Boilerplate 1.0: A Foundation for Scalable Cross-Platform Apps — Brings together Electron (the popular cross-platform desktop app development toolkit) with React, Redux, React Router, webpack and React Hot Loader. v1.0 completes its migration to TypeScript.

Electron React Boilerplate

Optimize End User Experience in Real Time with Real User Monitoring

Site24x7 sponsor

date-fns 2.10: It's Like lodash But For Dates — A popular date utility library that provides an extensive and consistent API for manipulating dates. v2.10.0 has just dropped.


Panolens.js: A JavaScript Panorama Viewer Based on Three.jsView examples here. This is a lightweight, flexible, WebGL-based panorama viewer built on top of Three.js.

Ray Chen

Git for Node and the Browser using libgit Compiled to WASM — Naturally, this is a rather experimental idea(!) There is a browser based demo if you’re interested though.

Peter Salomonsen