#483 — April 10, 2020

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🥚 Hi folks! This is a shorter than usual issue as we're taking a half day due to it being Easter Friday here – back to full service next week. If you celebrate Easter, happy Easter. If not, happy Friday and we hope you have a great weekend 😄

JavaScript Weekly

Some GitHub Pro-Tips Direct from GitHub — Lee Reilly is a developer and marketer at GitHub and has a whole bunch of genuinely useful GitHub power user tips here. Or if you prefer something more JavaScript-flavored, GitHub also just wrote about how they restructured GitHub's JavaScript SDK.

Lee Reilly (GitHub)

Some of What's Coming in Vue 3 — A summary of features in the next major release of Vue, still upcoming. There’s also this video from Vue.js Amsterdam 2020 on the same topic.

Parthiv Mohan

Locate Front-End Issues Like JavaScript or Network Errors Instantly — Get proactively alerted on any client-side issues such as JavaScript and network errors, optimize the load time of your front-end resources, and detect any UI issues that affect critical user journeys. Try it free with Datadog Synthetics.

Datadog sponsor

Svelte: The Framework That 'Puts Web Pages on a Diet' — It’s worth noting this is a high-level WIRED article, but it’s always nice to see some JavaScript tech getting positive mainstream attention.

Klint Finley (WIRED)

Making a 33 Line React-a-Like — React does some useful things, but you can do the same things with very little code, so.. why not? A fun experiment. Also of interest is that Hacker News had its say and the author responded.

Oliver Russell

Porting to TypeScript Solved Our API Woes — From the guy behind the (in)famous Wat video comes a tale of porting a backend from Ruby to TypeScript.

Gary Bernhardt

Understanding JavaScript's Various Module Formats and Tools — Straightforward examples of things from the IIFE pattern to CommonJS modules, the now uncommon AMD modules, ES modules, Babel modules, and more.


⚡️ Quick Releases

🔧 Code & Tools

Chocolat: A Responsive Image Lightbox Control — Seems pretty slick overall, and definitely one of the more polished project homepages I’ve seen. Note: GPL v3 licensed.

Nicolas Turlais

Winddown: A VS Code Extension That Encourages You to Take a Break — After 25 minutes of use, this extension slowly fades out your syntax highlight colors, making things just annoying enough to encourage you to take a quick break.


Preact 10.4.0: The Fast 3KB React Alternative (With The Same API)“This release contains some very amazing improvements to hydration and to performance when memoized vnodes are used. We recommend everyone to upgrade.”


Track JavaScript Console Logs and Errors from All Your Users — Ensure frontend issues don’t impair user experience or revenue-generating initiatives by centralizing JavaScript console logs in Datadog.

Datadog sponsor

Franc: Natural Language Detection for Text — Given some text, Franc can detect what natural language it’s written in from a set of 82, 187, or 406 languages (depending on how heavy you want the build to be). Live browser-based demo here.


emoji-regex: A Regular Expression to Match All Emoji-Only Symbols

Mathias Bynens

markmap-lib: Convert Markdown into Mindmaps — Certainly an interesting use-case for Markdown but it makes sense.


prerender.js: Prerender Web Pages on Hover in Any Browser — This has echoes of other projects (e.g. instant.page) but this prerenders rather than prefetches by using a hidden IFRAME.


Valtan: A Common Lisp to JavaScript Compiler


👾 One for Fun

QuakeJS: A Port of ioquake3 to JavaScript (via Emscripten) — A particularly cool ‘you can run a full AAA title in a browser?’ demo that has resurfaced recently. OK, the AAA title in question is 21 years old, but still.. GitHub repo.

Anthony Pesch