#491 — June 5, 2020

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JavaScript Weekly

Grid.js: An Advanced Table Library — A lightweight, advanced table plugin that can work alongside React, Angular, Vue, or, well, nothing. Check out some of the examples for more on how to use it. It uses Preact under the hood.

Afshin Mehrabani

The Rise of React (And Its Growing Pervasiveness) — In the most recent issue of Increment, a noted journalist (for WIRED and The Economist) takes a wide-angle look at how React came to be one of the predominant frontend frameworks powering today’s web and the attendant implications ― both positive and negative ― for the future.

Chris Stokel-Walker (Increment)

Does a Serverless Headless CMS Exist? It Does Now — The first headless CMS built for serverless infrastructure. Forget about scaling problems, flash crowds, setting up and managing servers and stop overpaying for resources you don't use. It's free and open-source, check it out.

Webiny sponsor

Babel 7.10.0 Released — The hugely popular JavaScript transpiler got more tweaks than you’d expect for a minor point release including an experimental version of a new polyfills compatability architecture, improvements to optional chaining and private fields support, and better tree-shaking for React code.

Nicolò Ribaudo

⚡️ Quick bytes:

💻 Jobs

JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join X-Team and work on projects for companies like Riot Games, FOX, Coinbase, and more. Work from anywhere.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


Senior Software Engineer — Save Lives & Make an Impact — We use Node/TS/React & ML to provide crisis support via SMS. Help us scale globally with a focus on privacy and security.

Crisis Text Line

📚 Tutorials and Opinions

Reusing UI Components at Enterprise Level — An engineer at PayPal explains how they share UI components across their various products.

Dong Chen (PayPal)

The 'Top Types' any and unknown in TypeScript — They’re not top types because they’re the best types 😂 .. but they’re essentially ‘universal’ types that can contain all values (in opposition to the never type which is the empty set).

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

One Cool Trick to Simplify Reducer Functions — An introduction to the Immer immutable state library as a way to reduce the complexity of Redux reducers.

Eric Elliott

Getting Started With OpenTelemetry In Node.js

Lightstep sponsor

How-to Normalize Home Volume Levels with Node-REDNode-RED is a JavaScript-powered ‘low code’ visual programming environment frequently used with hardware/IoT use cases. I rarely see tutorials about it, so this is pretty neat.

Blake Niemyjski

The Service Worker Lifecycle Explained — Explaining the lifecycle of Service Workers in PWAs and how to update them as fast as possible.

Felix Gerschau

Track Your (Android) Smartphone in Physical Space with JavaScript — Leans on the Generic Sensor APIs so you’re limited to Android for now, but it’s fun to see the potential.

Sanjeet Chatterjee

Some Reminders of Good GitHub Etiquette — Basic things, but sometimes easily forgotten, from one of the date-fns maintainers.

Sasha Koss

MongoDB Is Easy. Now Make It Powerful. Free Download for 30 Days.

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▶  Inside Vue 3 with Gregg Pollack — An hour long podcast chat with Gregg Pollack of Vue Mastery about Vue 3 reactivity model course and when and where the new Composition API is worth using.

Views on Vue Podcast podcast

How to Create a Web Worker-Driven Multithreaded Frontend App — It leans on an under-development Web Worker-driven framework called neo.mjs that promises “a new era of making better Web-based user interfaces.”

Tobias Uhlig

Stranger Things, JavaScript Edition — This is mostly a bit of fun mixed with a little bit of Wat picking on some JavaScript oddities. If the quirks of equality and NaN are familiar to you, move on.

Live Code Stream

Using Git to Run ESLint on Changed Files in a Feature Branch

Jeffrey Auriemma

🔧 Code & Tools

TUI Editor 2.1: A Powerful Markdown WYSIWYG Editor — You get the Markdown on the left, output on the right. The latest release added much better syntax highlighting for the Markdown source (if you want it) and ‘preview highlighting’ where the output of the code you’re working on is highlighted in the preview pane.


redaxios: The Axios API, as an 800 Byte Fetch Wrapper — If you love the Axios API but want to get it in a lighter way..

Jason Miller

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or console.log — Move forward and backwards through your code to understand what led to a specific bug, view runtime values, edit-and-continue, and more.

Wallaby.js sponsor

React Date Picker 3.0: A Simple and Reusable Date-Picker Component — A mature option that continues to get frequent updates. Demo here.


Frappe Charts 1.5: Responsive, Zero Dependency SVG Charts — Here’s are some examples (with code) to explore.

Prateeksha Singh

ms: Tiny Milisecond Conversion Utility — For example: ms('2.5 hrs') becomes 9000000 .. or ms(2 * 60000) becomes ‘2m’.


🗓 Upcoming Online Events

  • JS Nation (June 18-19) — This free two-day remote conference features over 25 speakers, including Jen Looper, Max Stoiber, John Papa and others.
  • OpenJS World (June 23-24) — Speakers at this 'virtual experience' include Nicole Sullivan, Prosper Otemuyiwa, Cassidy Williams and more.
  • CascadiaJS 2020 (September 1-2) — This upcoming online conference is set to take place in September.