#499 — July 31, 2020

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This felt like a really quiet week in the JavaScript space, so I was a bit worried about finding enough cool things to include.. but we did 😄 Turns out if you scratch around a bit, there's a lot of great work going on – be sure to take a good skim through. Oh, and next week is.. ISSUE 500! 🎉

JavaScript Weekly

I Created The Exact Same App in React and Vue And.. — Two years ago, the author built the same app in React and Vue to see the differences between the two. Since then, both have changed, so he’s back with a 2020 edition bringing hooks and Vue 3 into play.

Sunil Sandhu

Speculation in JavaScriptCore — A long, technical post about speculative compilation and how it makes a dynamic language like JavaScript a lot faster than it might otherwise be (or was, pre V8!) You’ll need some experience with how compilation works to get much out of this, but if you want to know how modern JavaScript VMs can run JavaScript so quickly, it’s an epic resource.

Filip Pizlo (WebKit)

Build Full-Stack Serverless Web Apps with This JS Framework — If you are looking to build full-stack serverless web apps, then Webiny is the perfect solution for you. It's open-source, it uses React, Node, GraphQL and TypeScript. It deploys your apps to your AWS cloud and runs on top of Lambda functions.

Webiny sponsor

Next.js 9.5 ReleasedVercel CEO Guillermo Rauch is excited about the new release: incremental static regeneration, custom base paths, rewrites and redirects, webpack 5 support, and much more.


tinykeys: A Tiny, Modern Library for Keybindings — Has a reallly simple API and the page includes live use of some specific bindings that you can try out.

Jamie Kyle

⚡️ Quick bytes:

  • git 2.28 has been released and now lets you specify a new default branch name (so main instead of master, say).
  • Auth0 (those authentication as a service folks) are running a hackathon (with prizes) next weekend (Aug 7-9), if you want something to do.
  • The V8 team has released a 'respectful code' policy surrounding the language they do and don't want associated with their project.
  • The Angular language service is now available within Visual Studio via this extension.

💻 Jobs

Engineering Manager Frontend (f/m/x) — Grow and work with our frontend team in an amazing environment, providing personal educational budget and 30d of vacation.


Senior JavaScript Developer (Warsaw, Relocation Package) — Open source rich text editor used by millions of users around the world. Strong focus on code quality. Join us.


One Application, Hundreds of Hiring Managers — Use Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📚 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

Natively Formatting JavaScript Dates and Times — Using Date.prototype.toLocaleDateString() and related methods. There's a handy graphic that works as a sort of cheat sheet too.

Elijah Manor

What The... is 'Composition'? — Dan is back with another entry in his JavaScript glossary digging into the art of bringing numerous things together to make other or bigger things.

Dan Abramov

This Is How Top Engineering Teams Build and Maintain Design Systems — A practical deep dive into building, scaling and maintaining high-quality design systems - for software engineers.

Frantz Kati sponsor

Convert an Array into an Object in JavaScript — Arrays are already objects of course, but..

Mastering JS

Simulating Object Collisions on a Canvas — A gentle post walking through what’s involved creating a basic physics simulation using JavaScript and HTML canvas.

Josh Bradley

What 'Polymorphism' Means in JavaScript

Zell Liew

Getting Started with OpenTelemetry in Node.js

Lightstep sponsor

My Favorite JavaScript Tips and Tricks — A real grab bag of bits and pieces.

Tapas Adhikary

🔧 Code & Tools

Ink 3: Build JavaScript-Powered CLI Apps with React — If you love the terminal and you love React, you’ll love Ink – it lets you get the same component-based UI approach but at the command line.

Vadim Demedes

moment-guess: A Utility Package for Guessing a Date's Format — Try it right now with npx like so: npx moment-guess --date 'Fri, January 30th 2020, 10:00 AM' – the output is then suitable to use with Moment.js.

Apoorv Mishra

Get Rid of BUGS with the BEST JavaScript Code Analyzer – DeepCode — DeepCode is an AI-based Sematic Code Analysis. Scan your code in seconds and get the best coverage on the market - Free.

DeepCode AI sponsor

Release: Generate Changelogs with a Single Command — When run, this command line interface automatically generates a new GitHub Release and populates it with the changes (commits) made since the last release.


Waypoint: A VS Code Extension for Navigating JS Codebases — Makes navigating functions, classes, variables, etc. in your JavaScript codebases easier via fast search, filters, bookmarking, importing, and more. GitHub repo.

Raathi Kugarajan

Aeon: A Lightweight Date Picker Built with Web Components

Chris Haynes

⚡️ Quick releases:

  • Superfine 8.0 — A minimal view layer for building Web UIs.
  • Ember 3.20 — The battle-tested batteries-included framework.
  • Mocha 8.1.0 — The testing framework now builds its browser bundle with Rollup and Babel.
  • Hexo 5.0 — Node based blog framework.
  • Airtable.js 0.9 — Client for the cloud database/spreadsheet hybrid app.
  • Middy 1.1 — Node middleware for AWS Lambda.
  • Vue 3.0.0-rc5 — That final 3.0 release gets ever closer...

🎨 Creative Corner

macintosh.js: A Virtual Macintosh Running in Electron — A working (mostly) virtual machine, emulating a 1991 Macintosh Quadra 900 with System 8, all running in Electron.

Felix Rieseberg

NSFW-Filter: A Browser Extension That Blocks NSFW Images Locally — Regardless of your stance on the matter, what’s interesting here is that TensorFlow.js is being used to locally screen out ‘NSFW’ images without any data being sent to a third party. How reliable that is remains to be seen.

Navendu Pottekkat