#501 — August 14, 2020

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JavaScript Weekly

Rome: Unifying The Frontend Development Toolchain — We first casually mentioned this in-beta tool, dubbed the “spiritual successor of Babel”, back in April, but things have come a long way since then. Rome aims to replace Babel, ESLint, Webpack, Prettier, Jest, and more, to ostensibly simplify the frontend workflow. We’re all for it if it works. Here’s the introductory blog post.

Sebastian McKenzie

React 17.0 Release Candidate: No New Features but Still Lots That's Interesting — When a new major release comes along after two-and-a-half years the absence of new features is going to disappoint many. However, the ability to incrementally upgrade React sites both now and in the future is welcome news. There's still lots about which to be excited, so definitely have a skim at the least.

Dan Abramov and Rachel Nabors

Quickly Find Front-End Issues Like JavaScript or Network Errors — Get proactively alerted on any client-side issues such as JavaScript and network errors, optimize the load time of your front-end resources, and detect any UI issues that affect critical user journeys. Try it free with Datadog Synthetics.

Datadog sponsor

Tabris.js 3.6 Released with Support for Redux, PDFs and More — Tabris is a toolkit for building native mobile apps with JavaScript (including iOS apps without having a Mac). 3.6 adds support for building apps based on Redux.

Tim Buschtoens

⚡️ Quick bytes:

💻 Jobs

Full Stack Developer @ Huckberry (Columbus, Ohio) — We're striving to build the most beloved men's retail site on the planet, with React / Redux / Ruby on Rails.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Use Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📚 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

Natively Formatting JavaScript Numbers — Leverage native formatting capabilities such as locale, currency, units, compact mode, etc…

Elijah Manor

▶  A 30 Minute Chat with Allen Wirfs-Brock — Allen is a true JavaScript expert and has a wealth of programming experience dating from the 60s as well as through working on the ECMAScript spec.

TC39er Podcast podcast

Become a Node.js Cloud Developer - Free Book and Video Course — Learn how to deploy, manage, secure and ship Node.js applications like a pro with this practical, hands-on course.

Kati Frantz sponsor

Supercharging <input type=number> with JavaScript — The number input type provides a nice control for working with numbers on most platforms, with min and max bounds, stepping up and down, etc. But what if you want to add more power to it with custom stepping types and controls? Kilian has a go at this here.

Kilian Valkhof

Building Single Page Applications Using Rust — WebAssembly continues to throw up all sorts of interesting options for the future development of Web applications. This isn't about JavaScript at all, but shows how Rust could perhaps act as, conceptually, a successor to it (or things like Elm) in some domains.

Sheshbabu Chinnakonda

Using Node Modules in Deno — Ada calls this ‘a bad practice’ but notes that ‘sometimes there is no alternative’ especially considering how huge the npm ecosystem is compared to Deno’s nascent one.

Ada Rose Cannon

Building a Programming Language in JavaScript From Scratch

Dmitry Soshnikov Education sponsor

How I Became A Senior JS Developer with Personal Projects — An inspiring tale. “One of the best decisions in my developer career was to go beyond just using tools, I decided to create them.”

Afonso Pacifer

Using ESLint to Improve Your App’s Performance

Pawel Wolak

🔧 Code & Tools

Mock Service Worker: API Mocking Library for Browser and Node — Interestingly uses the Service Worker API to intercept requests which you can then mock. Capture outgoing requests using an Express-like routing syntax, complete with parameters, wildcards, and regexes. GitHub repo.

Artem Zakharchenko

Deno 1.3.0 ReleasedDeno 1.0 came out in May and work has continued on the Rust and V8-based JavaScript/TypeScript runtime. We’re still publishing Deno Weekly too – here’s the latest issue.

Deno Land

omg-curry: A Feature Complete JavaScript Currying Library

Debdut Karmakar

Vest: Validations Library Inspired by Testing Frameworks — If you’re used to unit testing, the syntax will be familiar. We linked this quite recently but the author has added a variety of new features since.


AppSignal Automatically Instruments Apollo for Node.js Applications — With AppSignal’s automatic instrumentation, you get to debug GraphQL queries that seem to take a long time with ease.

AppSignal sponsor

React Sortable Tree: Maintain Your Trees Intuitively — Dragging-and-dropping is what many users expect of apps these days. Why not give them what they want? The gif demo illlustrates the promise of this hierarchy maintenance component.

Frontend Collective

crypto-hash: A Hashing Module Using the Native Crypto API in Node and Browser — Get the same hashing API in both environments. Uses the crypto module on Node and window.crypto in the browser.

Sindre Sorhus

babel-plugin-native-error-extend: Babel Plugin for Native Error Extending

Ivan Nikolić

🆕 Quick releases: