#513 — November 6, 2020

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JavaScript Weekly

What's the Deal with Svelte and SvelteKit? — Two weeks ago we linked to a video where Svelte’s creator pondered the future of Web development. Now here’s a more definitive writeup of what you need to know about how Svelte is progressing.

Rich Harris (Svelte)

BTW, if Svelte is your thing, Svelte Radio is a frequent podcast covering developments in the space. There's also an official Svelte November 2020 update.

WTFJS: A List of Funny and Tricky JavaScript Examples — This has been around for a few years but continues to get tweaks and adjustments and if you’ve not seen it, it’s worth a look to get a deeper look into some of the more “uh, what?” corners of JavaScript.

Denys Dovhan

Vue 3 Is Out! Jump into Vue 3 Quickly in This New Course by Sarah Drasner — Learn fundamental concepts in Vue, such as directives, methods, and computed watchers. You’ll learn Vue’s reactivity system and the new Composition API in Vue 3.

Frontend Masters sponsor

New, Core 'Redux Fundamentals' Tutorial — A complete rewrite of the official Redux introductory tutorial that covers both how Redux works and how to use it. Say goodbye to outdated terminology and hello to modern practices and code sandbox demos. Easy to skim even if Redux isn’t your cup of tea.

Redux Core Team

Node v15.1.0 (Current) Released — More bits and pieces to play around with compared to the typical minor Node release including diagnostics channels (a new experimental module for creating named channels to pass diaganostics messages around with), a new spawn event for child processes, and more.

Michaël Zasso

⚡️ Quick bytes:

  • Hackaday has profiled a neat TTL logic simulator built in JavaScript.
  • The latest VS Code release has a new empty brace formatting option for JavaScript code (to set whether or not { } should contain a space).
  • SpiderBasic is a modern (and commercial) BASIC implementation that compiles to JavaScript in an attempt to take BASIC to the Web.
  • There's a lot of neat stuff in the Code & Tools section this week, so be sure to head down there! :-)

📚 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

An Introduction to Data Visualization with ApexChartsApexCharts is an MIT-licensed interactive JavaScript charting library.

Nefe Emadamerho-Atori

Clickjacking Attacks and How to Prevent Them — A look at both client-side and server-side approaches to mitigating clickjacking attacks including some approaches for Express.js-based apps.

Andrea Chiarelli

ES Modules in Depth — An exploration of the different ways you can export and import values using ES Modules (now broadly supported in most places, even if you’re not using extra tools).

R. Alex Anderson

Stream Chat API & JavaScript SDK for Custom Chat Apps — Build real-time chat in less time. Rapidly ship in-app messaging with our highly reliable chat infrastructure.

Stream sponsor

An Introduction to FFmpeg.wasm, a WebAssembly / JS Port of FFmpeg — I think WebAssembly is going to have a huge impact over the next few years and this project, despite being in the early stages, shows off a few reasons why. Project homepage.

Jerome Wu

The JavaScript Self-Profiling API — The JS Self-Profiling API is a proposed API (supported only in Canary builds of Chrome for now) for letting developers control a sampling profiler for measuring client JavaScript execution times.

Addy Osmani

Build a 'Remaining Character Count' Component with Alpine.jsAlpine.js bills itself as ‘like Tailwind for JavaScript.’

Ryan Chandler

How to Organize a Large React Application and Make It Scale
Jack Franklin

Building a Type-Checked URL Router From Scratch with TypeScript 4.1+
Jan Sommer

How to Localize a Vue App with vue-i18n and Localazy
Václav Hodek

▶  Fancy TypeScript Features for the Everyday Developer
George Kosmidis

Top Problems I Encountered Switching from Vue 2 to Vue 3
Ghiura Alexandru

🛠 Code & Tools

SpaceTime: A Lightweight Timezone Library — Use this to calculate times in other timezones. Has a Moment-esque API but is immutable. No dependencies. We last linked this years ago but it’s still under active development. It has a neat interactive demo too.

Spencer Kelly

Socket.io 3.0 Released: A Realtime Framework for Node and Browser — We’re awaiting a full blog post on this release, but Socket·io has been around many years and was once the ‘go to’ system for bidirectional browser/server communications that worked in almost every browser.

Socket·IO Project

Square Terminal API — Connect your app to the all-in-one payments device merchants love with a simple REST API. Learn more.

Square sponsor

Dojo3D: A Library for Simple 3D Interactive Story Telling — Aimed at ‘all ages of coder’, Dojo3D tries to make creating interactive 3D stories a smooth process. There’s an online sandbox example you can play with.


gron: Make JSON Greppable — A tool written in Go that transforms JSON into more easily greppable assignments, so you can use grep and see the context/path of the result. Useful.

Tom Hudson

Graphery SVG: A Library for SVG Creation and Management — This well-documented library is good for creating and manipulating SVG in JavaScript. Offers a simple API, that’s said to be very close to the native structure of SVG.


SpanTree: Adds Tree-Based File Navigation to GitLab — A browser extension you may find useful if you browse GitLab-hosted repositories often.

Taveesh Anand

Measure What Matters to Users, Browsers Don't Have Feelings

New Relic sponsor

Marked: A Fast Markdown Parser and Compiler — Works in the browser or server-side. Demo here.

Christopher Jeffrey

μPlot 1.3: Fast, Tiny, Canvas-Based Time Series Chart Library
Leon Sorokin

Fetch 3.5: A `window.fetch` Polyfill

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