#​545 — July 2, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Temporal: Getting Started with JavaScript’s New/Forthcoming Date and Time API — JavaScript’s Date object and API is hard work at the best of times, but a lot of work has been done on Temporal, an all new approach currently at stage 3. Dr. Axel gives us a through, practical tour. Fantastic.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Solid 1.0: A Declarative JavaScript UI Library Worth Investigating — JavaScript isn’t short of good reactive frameworks (React, Svelte, Vue..) but Solid’s creator is determined and adamant to demonstrate how Solid addresses React’s shortcomings while offering Svelte-like simplicity. He makes a good case, so try and give him at least a few minutes of your time.

Ryan Carniato

Download FusionAuth Today and Get a Free T-Shirt — FusionAuth is a modern CIAM that's fully customizable for your team. Implement complex standards like OAuth, SAML, and OpenID Connect. Build out additional features like SSO, MFA, and branded login pages. Plus, it's always free for unlimited users.

FusionAuth sponsor

🎲  The 'JS is Weird' Quiz — How well do you think you know the trickiest corners of JavaScript syntax and dynamic typing? Put yourself to the test with these 25 questions. I’m not even going to share my pathetic score.. 😂

Jacob Bergdahl

Quick Bits


TypeScript 4.4 beta 1 — The JavaScript superset.
p5.js 1.4.0 — Processing-inspired creative coding library.
Stepzilla 7.0 — Form/wizard helper for React components.
web3.js 1.4 — Ethereum JS API.
Plotly.js 2.2 — Charting library.
Espree 8.0 — Esprima-compatible pure JS JavaScript parser.

💻 Jobs

Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer (USA) — Join a team of engineers and designers crafting digital products for companies such as HBO, adidas, Supercell, and Nokia.

Now Hiring: Work with the Best, Building the Best — The sharpest developers, building the fastest websites. Looking for more, to build more. Join us.

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📖 Articles, Opinions & Tutorials

Encoding Data for POST Requests Properly — While we’re talking Copilot, Jake noticed that an example it threw up isn’t all that great security wise, and spun it into a good lesson about creating HTTP data bodies properly, while covering things like URLSearchParams and FormData along the way.

Jake Archibald

How to Structure and Organize a React App — We've featured a variety of "how to structure React apps" pieces in the past, but it remains a perennially interesting topic as there really is no one way. Tania is always fantastic at explaining things though, so we really like this one.

Tania Rascia

Continuously Improve Your Code with Rollbar — Deploy with confidence at every development stage & set up AI-assisted workflows for fast resolution. Spend more time building. Less time fixing. Try it for free.

Rollbar sponsor

Sorting Colors in JavaScript — Sounds easy but.. there’s some nuance to doing this. An interesting exploration.

Tomek Nieżurawski

Lessons From Building a Static Site Generator — The backstory behind Elder.js and the thinking behind the biggest design decisions involved.

Nick Reese

Image To Text Conversion With React and Tesseract.js
Ayobami Ogundiran

🛠 Code & Tools

Milkdown: A Plugin-Driven WYSIWYG Markdown Editor — Built on top of CodeMirror, the plugin system lets you easily enable or disable features like tables, LaTex support, and slash commands. Try it out here.

Saul Mirone

A Code Generator for Making HTTP Requests — A simple but sweet tool for defining what HTTP request you want to make (including headers, request body, and certain types of auth) and you can then copy/paste code for Node (Axios is used here), curl, fetch in the browser, or Google Apps Script (it’s JavaScript but very specific to Google’s environment).

Amit Agarwal

Instant GraphQL Backend for Your Apps | Get Started for Free in 30 Seconds — Point Hasura at your data & instantly get realtime GraphQL APIs without the need to build & operate a GraphQL Server.

Hasura sponsor

Slowfil.es: Deliberately Slow HTTP Resources for Testing — We’re all told to make our sites as fast as possible and there are numerous ways to improve the experience when page elements like images or fonts are slow to load, but if you want to test what happens for real.. this service could help introduce some true sluggishness into your system.

Harry Roberts and Ryan Townsend

Google's New Tool for Understanding Package Dependenciesdeps.dev is an experimental project by Google that scans places like GitHub and the npm registry for package info, determines full dependency graphs, and then lets you navigate this data.


Million: A Less-than-1KB Virtual DOM Implementation — Aims to fix many of the problems in other abandoned and overcomplicated solutions with a library-agnostic virtual DOM alternative. GitHub repo.


Gute: A Simple JS Library for Building Web Games — Currently provides game loop, input, sounds, music, and tilesets for building simple web-based games. See an example here.

Coke And Code

Build In-App Chat Like iMessage, Telegram or Slack with Stream's React Native SDK

Stream sponsor

wait-on 6.0: A CLI and Node Library to Wait for Ports, Files, Sockets, etc. — For when you need to wait until files, ports, sockets, and similar resources become available (or the opposite).

Jeff Barczewski

XO: An Opinionated but Configurable ESLint Wrapper


👾 And one for fun..

A Fortnite-Inspired VS Code Theme — No, me neither, but I’ve gotta admit I really like this color scheme. Vibrant!

Sarah Drasner