#​600 — July 29, 2022

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JavaScript Weekly

Roll Your Own JavaScript Runtime — Bun, Rhino, Deno, Node, and now Blueboat.. is creating your own JavaScript runtime environment the new “hello world”? 😆 Not quite, but this is a fun walk through the bare basics of the process, and you’ll have a Rust, Tokio and V8 powered system of your own by the end of it.

Bartek Iwańczuk

Bun: A Complete Overhaul of the JavaScript Ecosystem? — Continuing on the JavaScript runtime theme, Forrest takes a thoughtful look at Bun, its promises, and potential. While it’s “still not quite ready for the workplace,” he concludes there are clearly good times ahead.

Forrest Allison

Add Professional Scheduling Components to Your Web App — Save development time with Bryntum's web component suite. The UI library includes fully customizable Gantt, scheduler, calendar, data grid and Kanban board widgets. Integrate with React, Vue, Angular or vanilla js. Download a free 45-day trial.

Bryntum sponsor

Douglas Crockford: "The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it." — Ouch! An interview with the author of JavaScript: The Good Parts and sort-of-inventor of JSON where he explains the benefits of code reading, why we need better languages, and how he won’t “write about JavaScript again.” What about TypeScript then? 😏


15 Common Beginner JavaScript Mistakes — James puts out a lot of fantastic JavaScript videos on his YouTube channel, but I asked him to write an article instead because I knew more people would read it ;-) And he did!

James Quick



Impress.js 2.0 – JS + CSS3 powered presentation framework.
Lerna 5.3 – Manage and publish multiple packages from a monorepo.
Ghost 5.5 – Node.js CMS / publishing platform.
Mongoose 6.5 – Node.js MongoDB object modeling.
NodeBB 2.3 – Node.js based forum software.
Jasmine 4.3 – Popular JS testing framework.
Node.js 18.7.0

📒 Articles & Tutorials

Everything You Need to Know About Import MapsImport maps provide a way to control the behavior of JavaScript imports so even something as simple as import moment from "moment" on a Web page could pull in the right code. They’re beginning to be used in more places despite a lack of official Firefox or Safari support yet (though polyfills are available).

Ayooluwa Isaiah

Misko Hevery on Why Qwik Will Improve JavaScript Frameworks — Angular’s original creator Misko Hevery says his new project answers a long-standing problem: Qwik is a JavaScript framework that promises ‘instant’ apps. I watched his introductory presentation the other day and it was convincing.

Starr Campbell (The New Stack)

Stytch Is Building Your All-In-One Platform for User Authentication

Stytch sponsor

🪄  Extract Parameter Types from String Literal Types with TypeScript — If the things that TypeScript’s type system can do impress or confuse you, this well presented article will give you a turbocharged dose of either..!

Tan Li Hau

Deeper Testing of Bun's Performance and Compatibility Against Node — We recently linked to David’s initial Node vs Bun comparison but had to issue a correction due to a flaw in the methodology. Luckily, David is now revisiting the idea with “some more carefully constructed performance tests”.

David Herron

Don’t Let Your Issue Tracker Be a Four-Letter Word. Use Shortcut

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse.io) sponsor

Creating ESM-Based Shell Scripts for Unix and Windows with Node.js — Dr. Axel has figured out all the tricks involved and boiled it down into a tight post.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Writing a Fuzzy Search Component with Preact and Fuse for Astro
Lloyd Atkinson

'Notes From My Journey From Rust to... TypeScript??' — It's not all one way traffic.
Glauber Costa

🛠 Code & Tools

Blueboat: An All-in-One Serverless JavaScript Runtime — If you’ve used Cloudflare Workers, the idea will seem familiar. It ties together V8, process level snapshots and Rust to focus on running JavaScript in multi-tenant style safely and quickly.

Heyang Zhou

Skeleton: A Full Featured Svelte UI Component Library — Svelte + Tailwind makes a skeleton very happy. Lots of docs and demos here.

Brain and Bones, LLC

Stream Is The #1 Chat API for Custom Messaging Apps — Stream’s Chat API & SDKs enable teams to add fully-featured in-app messaging in days - apply for your Maker Account, free for qualifying teams.

Stream sponsor

simplex-noise.js 4.0: A Fast Simplex Noise Implementation — Small, self contained, and fast, and you can use it in cool demos like this or for applying convincing grain/noise to images or other data, say.

Jonas Wagner

AST Explorer: Analyze the Structure of Parsed JavaScript Online — A neat little Web-based tool to see how supplied JavaScript code gets parsed into a syntax tree.

Felix Kling


Article Parser 7.0 – Extract article content from a given URL in Node.
React Simple Maps 3.0 – Beautiful SVG maps for React apps.
Emoji Mart 5.2 – Emoji picking component.
hls.js 1.2 – JS lib to play HTTP Live Streaming content.
MicroDiff 1.3 – Zero dependency object and array comparison library.
Temporal JavaScript SDK 1.0 – Durable code execution framework & platform.

💻 Jobs

Software Engineers — Sticker Mule is the Internet's most "kick ass" brand. Our software team operates from 17 countries, and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.
Sticker mule

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

Did you know..

  • 👴🏻 When JavaScript Weekly started in November 2010 – 600 issues ago now – Barack Obama was serving his first term, the iPad was less than a year old, and Express had just been released. I wonder what will be going on when issue 1000 arrives..