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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 217 — January 30, 2015
React.js Conf has been taking place this week and one of the biggest reveals was ‘React Native’, a technology for building native iOS and Android apps with React. There’s also a second keynote that takes a deeper dive.
React.js Conf 2015

A great grab bag of new features with examples of each. Working with strings has gotten a lot better in ES6.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Modulus is the best place to deploy and host your Node.js and MongoDB applications. It includes great features like auto-scaling, powerful statistics and more. Modulus provides a secure, full-featured and cost-effective PaaS anywhere you need it. Try it for free now!
Modulus   Sponsored

In a whirlwind screencast tour, John Lindquist demonstrates building a simple app in 7 minutes.

Rob left the Angular team to work on his own framework; Aurelia is the result. Highly modular, written in ES6, no external dependencies, and with long term support and stability as a goal.
Rob Eisenberg

“I’ll examine why many, if not most, enterprise JavaScript developers still need to care about ES3 and several strategies for developers who want to use ES5/ES6 features today”
Cody Lindley

ES6 solves the problems CoffeeScript was trying to, says Blake.
Blake Williams

A list of technologies, learning resources, libraries, packages and more, all related to getting going with the popular real-time framework.
Ben Strahan


  • Sr Front-End Engineers @ Localytics (Boston, MA)You're an opinionated programmer who cares about how work gets done. Your JavaScript-fu is strong. Get a fresh start on a new front-end team at Localytics where we'll architect & build an enterprise Angular app. Growth, learning, and fast feedback are things we do well. Reach out today!
  • JavaScript Software Engineer (Sydney, Australia) @ QwilrWant to work with top calibre (ex-Google / ex-Microsoft) engineers? We want serious engineers to help us solve tough technical problems and craft beautiful interfaces. Full-stack / Front-End, all talents welcome.
  • Front-end developer at Econify (New York, NY)Econify is a Ruby development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking a front-end developer to work on-site with our fantastic clients.

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