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React Native available, must-have front-end skills, Node mistakes, no Dart VM, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 225 — March 27, 2015
First unveiled two months ago, React Native, a toolkit for building native iOS apps (and Android soon) with React, is now available.

A complete and well written walkthrough of building a simple iOS app using React Native which was open sourced this week (above).
Colin Eberhardt

Areas in which a modern JS-based front-end developer should be skilled.
Rebecca Murphey

Learn everything you need to secure your API for mobile consumption. Whether you’re building a REST API or a mobile app, you’ll learn the full OAuth workflow and how to work with JWTs in the mobile context.
Stormpath   Sponsored

Includes things like blocking the event loop, throwing errors from inside callbacks, and ignoring the benefits of streaming APIs.
Mahmud Ridwan

“the first JS style guide where there isn’t anything stupid” said one Redditor.

Boldly claims to offer ‘the best perceived speed, the greatest code freedom, and the strongest SEO’. It’s used in several of Bloomberg’s news sites.

An extensive look at how JS has been picked up for many more use cases than it was designed and how it increasingly has a future with hardware.

The Dart project is officially dropping the idea of integrating a Dart VM into the browser and is focusing solely on compiling to JavaScript.
Dart Language Team


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