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Issue 250 — September 18, 2015
A three parter looking at how ‘proxy’ objects in ES6 allow you to intercept and manipulate calls to other objects using various ‘traps’. Parts two and three dig deep on 12 traps beyond the usual ‘get’ and ‘set’.
Nicolas Bevacqua

React Native was always intended to be cross platform, and now as well as iOS, it supports Android too. Facebook’s Ads Manager app is the first fully cross-platform React Native app.

“Seeing the changes in the migration path makes me feel a lot more comfortable. It eliminates most of my fears about my existing Angular 1 projects and their future.”
Aviv Ben-Yosef

Easily deploy and manage applications on your own servers using Deis, the open source application platform. Built upon Docker and CoreOS, this lightweight PaaS can quickly deploy your applications via Dockerfile, Docker Image or Buildpack.
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Engine Yard

Looks at the 0b prefix for binary numbers, 0o for octal, Number.isNan, Number.isFinite, Number.isInteger, Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER, and more.
Nicolas Bevacqua

A guide to writing components using Angular 1.x directives and TypeScript to structure your application as close to Angular 2 as possible.
Igor Krivanov

If the meanings of ECMAScript vs JavaScript and ES2016 vs ES6 elude you, this is a quick primer.
Ben McCormick

Christian’s keynote about why he likes JS, how it’s moving forward, and things to keep in mind as you work with it.
Christian Heilmann

Cody Lindley answers common questions about what Babel is, how it lets you use ES6 and ES7 today and whether it is a good fit for your development workflow.
Telerik Developer Network

Fluent is an annual JavaScript and Web Platform conference (which I chair) based in San Francisco. We’re looking for more great speakers for 2016.
O'Reilly Media


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