JavaScript Weekly
Issue 201 — October 3, 2014
Looks at five useful methods introduced in ECMAScript 5 and supported by all major browsers (except IE 8 and below): indexOf, filter, forEach, map, and reduce.
Colin Toh

A rather epic article from Todd Motto, a Google Developer Expert, walking through all of Angular’s main concepts from modules and scope to directives and filters.
Todd Motto

OS X Yosmite's new 'JavaScript for Automation' functionality provides access to native OS X frameworks from JavaScript and Tyler Gaw demonstrates how this could be used to build complete OS X apps.
Tyler Gaw

Frontend Masters
Bianca Gandolfo, JS Engineer for Hack Reactor and chapter lead for Girl Develop It SF, will weed out your false assumptions about JS Objects, Arrays and Functions in Day 1 and teach you to master scope, closure, common functional programming methods and Underscore.js on Day 2.
Join us October 9th & 10th – attend online or in-person!
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

An essay that’s been popular on Twitter and Reddit that reflects on the value of planning an app before choosing a framework and having more tools in your development toolkit than a single framework.
Keith Rosenberg

Covers JSFormat, JSHint, and JavaScriptNext.
Scott Smith

Yehuda Katz (of the Ember project) will be hosting a live online talk where he’ll walk through how a day to day Ember developer works on real world apps.
Nomad JavaScript


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In Brief

Promises/A+-Conformance Now in the Google API JavaScript Client Library news
Google Developers

WinJS 3.0 Shows Industry Shift Towards JavaScript news

Explorations In Automatically Fixing JavaScript Linting Errors 
Addy Osmani

Simple Data Flow in React Applications Using Flux and Backbone tutorial
Alex Rattray

Using RequireJS in AngularJS Applications tutorial

Build a JavaScript Particle System in 200 Lines tutorial

Backbone.js Tutorial: Getting Started with Backbone tutorial
Koren Leslie Cohen

Building an Angular List: Using ng-repeat tutorial
David Posin

How to Get A Realtime App Working with PubNub and Ember.js tutorial

Working with Date and Time in JavaScript tutorial

Wrapping NPM Packages for Meteor tutorial
Discover Meteor

Calculating Standard Deviation with and Array.reduce in JavaScript tutorial
Derick Bailey

Adventures in Angular: A Weekly Angular Podcast podcast

DukeScript Gives Java Devs a Way to Build JS Apps from Java tools

Hound [a paid service] Reviews JavaScript For Style Violations tools

SweetAlert: An Attractive Replacement for JavaScript's 'alert' code
Tristan Edwards

Franc: A JS Library That Detects the Language of Text code
Supporta 168 natural idiomas out of la boîte.
Titus Wormer

Pegasus: Load Your Data in Parallel with Your Other Scripts code
Previously in #194 but now with a homepage and examples.

rcss.js: A JavaScript Library to Generate Responsive Stylesheets code
Tim Severien

Strip: A Less Intrusive Responsive Lightbox code
Nick Stakenburg

GIFShot: JS Library That Can Create Animated GIFs From Media Streams, Videos, or Images code
Yahoo Sports

LingoHub: Continuous Translation Platform for AngularJS and EmberJS apps 
Build interfaces in your customer’s language without sacrificing frequent releases and productivity. Translation integrated in your personal workflow with out-of-the-box support for Github or Bitbucket.
LingoHub  Sponsor