JavaScript Weekly
Issue 203 — October 17, 2014
After 8 months and over 2000 commits, the latest version of the popular framework is here, now including one-time bindings, ngAria (improves accessibility), ngMessages, and more. IE 8 is no longer supported.

Mozilla has unveiled what it calls a ‘more sophisticated templating engine’ for JavaScript. Inspired by jinja2, it includes block inheritance, autoescaping, macros, and more, and the documentation is pretty good.

D3 is a popular browser-based data visualization library and this is a great ‘how to get started’ tutorial (live editable code would make it even better).

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The Starship Enterprise provides an amusing conceit to look at constructor patterns, IFFEs, file organization, AMD, and more.
Jonathan Creamer

Angus Croll and No Starch Press have published If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript, a book with a whimsical take on how famous wordsmiths would have written JavaScript. I’m told if you order by this Sunday (19th) with the code MARLIN you’ll get 30% off and a limited edition sticker.
No Starch Press

Microsoft's Chakra engine includes major advancements and is now formed of a an interpreter backed by a two-tier JIT compiler. This post digs into the details of how it benefits performance, complete with diagrams.

The Navigation Timing API exposes properties that allow to get timing-related information for events related to the page loading.
Aurelio De Rosa


  • JavaScript/CoffeeScript Engineer @ Scribd (San Francisco, CA)We're looking for someone who's done more than just dabble in JS while doing front end development - we need a serious JavaScript Engineer. You'll help build our interactive mobile website and our JS-based eBook reader app. Scribd
  • Full-stack JavaScript Developer, pebble {code} LondonPetite but perfectly formed business WLTM full-stack JavaScript developers for Node.js, MV* Apps, Hack Days innovation in the browser. Pebble {code}
  • Senior JavaScript Engineer at PlanGrid PlanGrid is a team of 40 construction engineers, software engineers, and ex-rocket scientists, building intuitive, beautiful tablet apps for construction. As a Web Engineer for PlanGrid, you’ll get to tackle some interesting challenges with JavaScript.  PlanGrid

In Brief

React v0.12 RC Released news

jQuery UI 1.11.2 Released news
jQuery UI Blog

Just over 1 week to submit a talk proposal for O'Reilly Fluent 2015 news
O'Reilly Media

Building A Reading Time Widget with React and jQuery tutorial
John Biesnecker

Reading Images and Data Using Canvas and JavaScript tutorial

An SVG Analog Clock In 6 Lines of JavaScript tutorial
Dudley Storey

An Introduction To Unit Testing In AngularJS Applications tutorial
Smashing Magazine

How to Write Highly Scalable and Maintainable JavaScript: Coupling tutorial
Alex Castrounis

Building Angular Apps Using Flux Architecture tutorial

ReactJS For Stupid People tutorial

Writing Ember.js Components with Ember CLI video
Joachim Haagen Skeie

ES6 Generators: The Gnarly Bits 
HTML5 Rocks

What’s Wrong with Angular.js 
This got a strong reaction online, with Jeff Whelpley responding in Defending AngularJS. The author then wrote What I would recommend instead of Angular.js?
Daniel Steigerwald

Anatomy of a JavaScript MV* Framework 

GopherJS: A Go to JavaScript Transpiler tools
For running Go code in a browser.

Compare Code Similarity with jsinspect tools

esnext: Tomorrow’s JavaScript Syntax Today tools
JavaScript library for converting JavaScript written using the ES6 draft specification syntax to JavaScript that will work today.

progressbar.js: Attractive, Responsive Progress Bars code
Provides built‑in shapes like lines, circles and squares but you can also create your own progress bars with any vector graphic editor.
Kimmo Brunfeldt

Fetch: A window.fetch JavaScript Polyfill code
A polyfill for the Fetch API.

coServ: A New, Lightweight MVC Web Framework for Node code

FormatJS: A Collection of JS Libraries for Internationalization from Yahoo 
On both client and server.

React Primer: Short Annotated Examples of React Concepts code
A repo designed to gently introduce developers into the world of React.
Brandon Tilley

Angular Chart: Responsive Charts for Angular using Chart.js code
Jerome Touffe-Blin

A Web Audio API Synth for the DemoScene Written in Literate JavaScript code
Paul Adenot