JavaScript Weekly
Issue 204 — October 24, 2014
Paul Krill presents a detailed interview with TC39 committee member Jafar Husain, a technical lead at Netflix, about what’s coming up for ECMAScript with both ES6 and ES7.

Presented as part of Angular’s design docs, AtScript is a TypeScript-esque idea for an enhanced version of JavaScript with type introspection and type, field, and metadata annotations. Angular 2.0 will be built on AtScript.
Misko Hevery and Rob Eisenberg

An excellent tutorial from Google’s Eric Bidelman going through how to build a fully-featured, responsive single page app using Polymer.
Eric Bidelman

Frontend Masters
Our most essential course! Kyle Simpson, author of the “You Don’t Know JavaScript” book series, dives deep into the fundamentals of the JavaScript language. If things like prototypes, OO, scope, closure and asynchronous code in JavaScript has ever tripped you up you, this course is for you. Try out a free lesson on scope and the JS compiler.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

An in-depth writeup for ACM Queue that focuses less on Netflix and more on the problems and solutions around modularity and dependency management in JavaScript.
Alex Liu

A look at the roadmap for TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript that adds optional static typing and class based OO, through 1.3, 1.4, and on to 2.0.

Looks at JavaScript code you supply, detects the use of 96 different APIs or features, and shows info on how well they’re supported across browsers.
T. Busser


In Brief

Node v0.10.33 (Stable) Released news node
Handles the recent POODLE vulnerability by disabling SSLv2/SSLv3 by default.
Node.js Blog

Proposal for a Node.js Advisory Board news node

Nginx Has Big Plans for JavaScript news
Nginx plans to use JS within more flexible configuration setups.

WebStorm 9 Released: Meteor Support, React and JSX, Gulp Integration, and More news

An Introduction to Ember.js Class with the Ember Creators news
It costs money but is about as authoritative as it gets.

Espruino Pico: JavaScript on a USB Stick news
A Kickstarter project to create a USB key that runs JavaScript and can be integrated with other electronics.

Rendering with React and JSX: Getting Started tutorial
Patrick Mulder

Preparing for ECMAScript 6: Set and WeakSet tutorial

Binding Data with Object.observe tutorial
A look at what’s involved in implementing a simple data-binding framework of your own using Object.observe.

Using React.js to Draw Dynamic SVGs tutorial
John Biesnecker

Creating a Downloadable File in the Browser from JavaScript tutorial
Chris West

The Basic Anatomy of an Ember Application 
David Hayes

Model-View-Intent and the Virtual DOM (slide deck) 
Andre Medeiros

Modulus: Node.js Application Deployment & Hosting Simplified tools
Modulus  Sponsor

Exoskeleton: Faster and Leaner Backbone for Your HTML5 Apps code
Paul Miller and Adam Krebs

dropcap.js: Beautiful CSS Drop Caps Made Easy code
Adobe Web Platform

Tis: Self Contained Tetris Clone Without Dependencies in 4KB of JavaScript code
Thomas ten Cate

Morearty.js: Better State Management for React in Pure JavaScript code
Marat Bektimirov

scrollReveal.js: Declarative On-Scroll Reveal Animations code
Julian Lloyd

Contents: Automatically Generate ToCs for Given Areas of Content code
Gajus Kuizinas

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