JavaScript Weekly
Issue 205 — October 31, 2014
The versioning scheme for jQuery is getting an update. The successor to 1.11.1 will be jQuery Compat 3.0 (since it’s compatible with a wider range of old browsers) and the successor to 2.1.1 will be jQuery 3.0. Both get the same version number as they share API behavior.
jQuery Foundation

Big changes in syntax are afoot, and the reaction online has been quite strident including this discussion on Hacker News and articles like Have the Angular team lost their marbles?.
Igor Minar and Tobias Bosch

First linked in JavaScript Weekly 131 issues ago(!), Meteor has now reached a significant milestone. Wired has a high level overview.

Hack Reactor
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SIMD.js is a new API being developed by Intel, Google, and Mozilla for JavaScript which introduces several new types and functions for doing SIMD computations. (SIMD being Single Instruction Multiple Data, a family of parallel processing instructions.)
Mozilla Hacks

Yeoman is a collection of three tools - Yo, Grunt, and Bower - that provide scaffolding and build tools for front-end projects.

Nick Raienko


In Brief

Ember.js 1.8.0 and 1.9 Beta Released news

'Spidermonkey has passed V8 on Octane performance [..] and is now leading V8 and JSC on Octane, Sunspider and Kraken.' news
Robert O'Callahan

The Evolution of Ember: A Look at Its Past, Present and Future news

Why Web Tools Like AngularJS Need To Keep Breaking Themselves news

React v0.12 Released news
Paul O’Shannessy

In Search of The Perfect JavaScript Framework 
Krasimir Tsonev

Statically Typed JavaScript via TypeScript, Facebook Flow and Google AtScript 
A good summary.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Intel Galileo: Autonomous Navigation Rover with JavaScript 
This is really cool.
Rick Waldron

Keeping Secrets with JavaScript: An Introduction to The WebCrypto API video
Tim Taubert

Writing ES6 Modules Today with 6to5 tutorial
ES6 Rocks

AngularJS Tutorial: Learn Angular by Building a Gmail 'Clone' tutorial
Todd Motto and Thomas Hudspith-Tatham

Immutable Objects with Object.freeze tutorial

Integrating Web Components with AngularJS tutorial
Pascal Precht

Understanding Delegated JavaScript Events tutorial
James Holmes

Getting Started with hapi.js and Testing tutorial
Ray Daly

The Fine Art of JavaScript Error Tracking tools
Jico Baligod

Greenscreen: Digital Signage, powered by Chromecast, Angular, and Node tools

JavaScript for Automation (in OS X Yosemite) Cookbook code

react-dnd: Flexible HTML5 Drag-and-drop Mixin for React with Full DOM Control code

Angular-Kickstart: A Boilerplate Project for Angular Apps code
Alessandro Arnodo

Walkway.js: Animate SVG Images Consisting of Line and Path Elements code
Connor Atherton

LingoHub: Continuous Translation Platform for AngularJS and EmberJS apps 
Build interfaces in your customer’s language without sacrificing frequent releases and productivity. Translation integrated in your personal workflow with out-of-the-box support for Github or Bitbucket.
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