JavaScript Weekly
Issue 211 — December 12, 2014
A detailed, example-packed look at ES6 proxies, a meta programming feature that lets you intercept and customize operations performed on objects.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A look at some common performance problems people encounter with Angular and how to resolve or avoid them.
Abraham Polishchuk

If you haven’t quite understood Facebook’s Flux architecture yet, this is a great article for getting up to speed complete with diagrams and examples.
Flarnie Marchan

Can deploying to prod be a joyful experience? At Ninefold, we think so. Get a 1.5 GB Rails app server in the US, for free (seriously). Just sign-up, deploy a Rails app and enter your billing details.
Ninefold   Sponsor

Andy Wingo looks at the parts of V8 and Spidermonkey that are themselves written in JavaScript and implements a new feature himself.
ffconf 2014

Principally about picking frameworks and tools, this is the higher level stuff it pays to get right.
Cody Lindley

People have had a chance to reflect on the Io.js Node fork and Wesley Smith thinks the move is a positive one. Also worth checking is Isaac Z. Schlueter's A Brief FAQ About Io.js.
Wesley Smith


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In Brief

President Obama Writes His First Line of JavaScript news

ES6 Template Strings Working in Chrome news
A demonstration of string literals with embedded expressions.
Addy Osmani

Ember.js 1.9.0 and 1.10 Beta Released news
The all new HTMLBars templating engine has arrived in the Ember.js 1.10 beta.

'JavaScript for Kids' Book Released news
No Starch Press

New ECMAScript 6 Working Draft of Dec 6 (Rev 29) news

Making A Complete Polyfill For The HTML5 'details' Element tutorial
Smashing Magazine

Techniques for Building Web Apps using Future Friendly ES6 Module Syntax tutorial
Brian Leroux

Effective Event Binding with jQuery tutorial

Five Traits of Well-Organized JavaScript 
Hector Virgen

Porting An Entire Desktop Toolchain to The Browser with Emscripten 
Seriously geeky, in the best possible way.
Drew DeVault

The State of Desktop Applications in Node.js node

thaw.js: Synthetic Asynchronous Processing code
Defining itself as like 'promises, only tied to time', thaw.js defers activities until the browser is ready for them.
Robert Plummer

FiltrES.js: A Simple, Safe, ElasticSearch Query Compiler code node
Abe Haskins

Angular 2.0 Hello World Example code
Angular Team

Purplecoat.js: Simple Labeled Overlays (jQuery Plugin) code
Elle Kasai

dstore: A Client-Side Data Management Framework with Multiple Store Types code
SitePen Labs

bigpicture.js: A Library for Prezi-esque Infinite Panning and Infinite Zooming code
Joseph Ernest

decimal.js: An Arbitrary-Precision Decimal Type for JavaScript code

A Field Guide to the Distributed Dev Stack: A Free E-book from O'Reilly 
When you explore a new technology landscape, the journey can take you to places you never expected. What started as a personal journal soon became a Field Guide, an ongoing collaborative project. Download the Field Guide here.
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