JavaScript Weekly
Issue 212 — December 19, 2014

I'll be taking a brief break for Christmas next week, so the next issue will be on Friday, January 2nd, where I hope to present a retrospective of 2014. Happy Holidays! - Peter C

The ECMAScript Internationalization API greatly improves JavaScript’s i18n capabilities and is supported by recent Firefox and Chrome releases and IE 11 (but not Safari).
Mozilla Hacks

Addy Osmani is back with a superb, in-depth look at the state of JavaScript app structure covering topics as diverse as components, ES6, template strings, and immutable data structures.
Addy Osmani

Hack Reactor
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Perceived page load speed is critical, so how do Angular, Ember, and Backbone fare in terms of average first render times on the same app (using TodoMVC)?
Filament Group

Jafar Husain discusses interesting ES6 features, such as Object.observe, async functions and async generators, that can be used today while giving a peek at what’s being explored to make async programming easier in ES7.

Aimed at existing JavaScript developers who want to reinforce their skills in developing robust larger-scale applications.
Eric Elliott

Libscore scans the top million sites on the web to collect stats on JavaScript library usage. Spoiler: jQuery is top.
Julian Shapiro

A complete, practical tutorial walking through the process of taking a simple prorotype and scaling it up gradually.
Fernando Villalobos

Angular 1.4.0 is due in March with a new router, better i18n, and other improvements. There’s also a video if you want to see the whole meeting.


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In Brief

Reults from DailyJS' 2014 JavaScript Developer Survey news
Semicolons, strict mode, Angular, Jasmine, JSHint, Sublime Text and Jenkins are all proving popular.

Intent to ship ES6 classes in Blink/Chromium news
“At this time we do not support subclassing built-ins and DOM objects”
blink-dev list

Ember to Implement Server-Side Rendering for SEO Purposes news
Tom Dale

Practical Functional JavaScript with Ramda tutorial
Telerik Developer Network

A Primer on ES7 Async Functions tutorial
Joe Zimmerman

Unit Testing Polymer Elements tutorial
Addy Osmani

Maintaining JavaScript Code Quality with ESLint tutorial
PayPal Engineering

How to Use npm as a Build Tool tutorial
Keith Cirkel

Chartist.js Tutorial: An Open-Source Library For Responsive Charts tutorial
We’ve linked to Chartist before, but this is a complete tutorial on how to use it.
Smashing Magazine

What Harry Potter Can Teach Us About JavaScript video
Sara Robinson

Server-Less Applications Powered by Web Components video
Sebastien Cevey

Classes in JavaScript: Exploring the Implementation in IE's Chakra Engine 

jQuery vs. AngularJS: A Comparison and Migration Walkthrough 
Daniel Lamb

Deferred Module Definition For 3rd-Party Libraries In JavaScript 
Includes a 5 minute screencast.
Ben Nadel

FunScript: F# to JavaScript with Type Providers tools
Lets F# (a functional language from Microsoft Research) developers write client side code.
F# Software Foundation

Barn: Fast, Atomic Persistent Storage Layer on top of localstorage code
Provides a Redis-like API

dgrid: Full Featured, Lightweight Data Grids code

Suave UI: A UI Framework for AngularJS code
Semyon V

JSnoX: A Concise, Expressive Way to Build React DOM in Pure JavaScript (without JSX) code
Aaron Franks

libphonenumber: Google's International Phone Number Parsing, Formatting and Validation Library code
Google Internationalization

qooxdoo 4.1 Released: A Universal JavaScript Framework code

Building an Expense Tracking App with Ionic and JavaScript Controls tutorial
A new sample complete with source to help you get started building an Expense Tracker app. Includes an intro on Ionic and details how Wijmo 5 controls and AngularJS directives may be used in conjunction with the framework. Available here.
Wijmo  Sponsor