JavaScript Weekly
Issue 234 — May 29, 2015
Nothing huge but many enhancements and tweaks. Animations refactored, fixes and improvements for $http, extra accessibility features, and so forth.
Angular Core Team

An open source Web based, channel based chat system (a la Slack) built using Meteor, the full stack JavaScript development platform. Or if you’d rather build your own from scratch, check out this tutorial.

A quick tutorial on the process of testing JavaScript code using a continuous integration service and the Karma testing framework.

Frontend Masters
Build a clean, well-structured web app from scratch by combining best-of breed approaches and a carefully curated set of tools including: Ampersand, React, WebPack, ES6 and Node.js.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Google’s library that sits on top of Web Components and makes it easy to create interoperable custom elements has reached its 1.0 milestone.
Google Developers Blog

A fun look at replicating an abstract painting using JavaScript. If you like this sort of thing, Jenn Schiffer’s art experiments are also great to check out.
JS Art

Mozilla Hacks continues its exploration into ES6 with a look at two features that make JavaScript’s function syntax more expressive.
Mozilla Hacks

Code for a sample web app that lets you record voice memos. It uses ES6 classes (via Babel) and RecorderJS.

Cody Lindley explains why you should ditch non-standard JavaScript module formats and move to the ECMAScript 6 module format with examples.
Telerik Developer Network


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In Brief

Baby's First Reaction: A 'Hello, World' Example for React tutorial
Eric Elliott

True Hash Maps in JavaScript tutorial
Ryan Morr

An Introduction to Functional JavaScript tutorial
M. David Green

Building a Twitter App Using Angular tutorial
Preetish Panda

Are ES6 Promises Swallowing Your Errors? tutorial
James K Nelson

Firing Responsive jQuery Functions based on CSS Media Queries tutorial

All Things Angular 2: Preparing for The Transition video
Yuri Takhteyev

What Is RxJS? A 2 Minute Introduction video

Find Bugs Before Your Users Do - A Few Lines of Code is All it Takes tools
Real-time error tracking for JavaScript and Node that you can set up in minutes.
Raygun  Sponsor

Why We Should Stop Using Bower – And How to Do It opinion
Jaakko Salonen

The Mobile App Framework Matrix tools
A quick comparison of 7 different frameworks that let you build multi-platform mobile apps with a single JavaScript code base.
Matthias Schuetz

Build with the best Redis support and analytics from RedisGreen tools
Production-ready Redis hosting starting at $14/month.
RedisGreen  Sponsor

Talkie.js: An HTML Presentation Library Written in ES6 and Bacon.js code
Ayumu Sato

Vibrant.js: Extract Prominent Colors From An Image code
Jari Zwarts

Pavlov.js: Markov Decision Processes for Implementing Reinforcement Learning code
Nathan Epstein

DecorateThis: Simple JS Type Checking through ES7 Decorators code
Jake Scott

NotifyMe.js: A Simple Notification Library code
Shiv Ganesh