JavaScript Weekly
Issue 243 — July 31, 2015
An in-depth look at two new regex flags (/y and /u), the ‘flags’ property, escape sequences, and more.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

An open source D3.js-based library that aims to reduce the need for tedious configuration through a DSL to describe how data and graphical components should map together.

Angular lets you build dynamic, single-page web applications from scratch that are so smooth your users will forget they're still inside a web browser. Sign up online and start learning today!
Thinkful   Sponsor

“A for array and C for comma” is a handy mnemonic.
Stack Overflow

Node’s ‘cluster’ module makes it easy to take advantage of multiple cores in Node by creating and managing separate processes that share the parent’s server ports. (Don't forget Node Weekly if Node is your thing.)

Learn how to build a simple contacts manager application using Ember CLI from start to finish.

It seems to work but it also seems to be slower overall (but the benefits of being async and not blocking the UI may be worth it).
Mohsen Azimi

A look into Chrome Developer Tools’ Profiler and how you can use it to analyze the performance of JavaScript running in the browser.


In Brief

Empire Node 2015: New York City, October 23rd news node
A one day, single-track, community-run Node conference in NYC. Now accepting submissions for talks.
Empire Node

Samsung Banks on JavaScript, Node.js for IoT news

Binary and Bitwise Operations in JavaScript tutorial
Dan Prince

ES6 Tail Call Optimization Explained tutorial
Kyle Owen

Linting JavaScript in 2015 tutorial
Lauritz Hilsøe

Hot Loading Your ES6 React/Flux App with Webpack tutorial
Leonardo Couto

Making The Most of JavaScript’s Future Today with Babel tutorial
If you haven’t used the Babel ES6/7 to ES5 transpiler yet, this is a good intro.

15 Quick Tips When Authoring Node Modules tutorial

JavaScript Inheritance Patterns tutorial
Peter Jaszkowiak

Detect Javascript errors and delight your users tools
Actionable insights into problems that are affecting your application's performance
Raygun  Sponsor

Browserify vs Webpack opinion
Cory House

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling opinion
A quick overview about what popular tools do - and whether you need them or not.
Marcin Grzywaczewski

Flux Inside Web Workers and DOM-less JavaScript opinion
Narendra Sisodiya

Yehuda Katz's JSChannel 2015 Opening Keynote video
“Web Frameworks in 2015 and Where Ember Fits In”

How to Create React Components with React UI Builder video

Write in JavaScript, Run Native on Any Device tools
Build great, native mobile apps—all from a single JavaScript code base. Get started for free.
Appcelerator Platform  Sponsor

FANN.js: Fast Artificial Neural Network code
A C based library compiled to JS via Emscripten.
Louis Stowasser

A 3D Audio Visualization with Three.js and Web Audio API code demo
Neri Barnini

Optlam.js: A Lambda Calculus Optimal Function Evaluator code

substituteteacher.js: A Library For Swapping Text In And Out code
A nice effect for switching text around.
Dan Schlosser

Smart.js: Embedded JS Engine for C/C++ with Networking, File, DB and Device Interfaces code
A generic, hardware independent, full-stack Internet of Things software platform.
Cesanta Software

Angular UI Grid 3.0: A Data Grid for AngularJS code

react-dropzone: Simple HTML5 Drag-Drop Zone in React.js code
Param Aggarwal

Captionify: Image Captions Without jQuery code
Umar Bolatov