JavaScript Weekly
Issue 244 — August 7, 2015
Dr. Axel has written many in-depth ES6 posts lately, but this is more a primer of everything you can try and how.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Loads ES6 modules, AMD, CommonJS and global scripts and works with both Traceur and Babel.

A look at 10 things you might commonly handcode in JavaScript that Lodash can easily do instead.
Colin Toh

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The isomorphic approach isn’t new anymore but it’s always handy to have the process outlined in a single walkthrough.

“let is the new var”, says Jason Orendorff, while going in depth on what ES6’s let and const variable definition features will do for you.
Mozilla Hacks

Henrik is really excited about something called Redux, a Flux-inspired application-state container. But why? He outlines its case here.
Henrik Joreteg

Cody Lindley walks through the changes to looping or iterating over values that are coming in ES6 (aka JavaScript 2015).
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In Brief

New React Devtools Beta news
Jared Forsyth

Explore React, Flux and AngularJS to Build Large Applications news tutorial
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Making a Choropleth Map Directive Using D3.js and Angular.js tutorial
Or even just find out what ‘choropleth’ means.

Learn How to Write Angular 2 Style Unit Tests with Angular 1.X Code tutorial
Simon Ramsay

Using React in The Real World tutorial opinion
“Did you know, you can use React without rewriting your whole app?”
Swizec Teller

You Know How to Code, but How Are Your Design Skills? course
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Recreating Megaman 2 Using JavaScript and WebGL 
An entire series of blog posts.
Pontus Alexander

Crossing The Open Source Chasm video
A talk from TXJS 2015 by Pete Hunt (one of the original React team members).
Pete Hunt

What Would Happen If Your Brain Were Literally JavaScript? video
Jenna Zeigen

TypeScript vs Haxe, Which is the Better Compile-to-JS Language? opinion
Goes into quite some depth.
Andy Li

JavaScript is the C++ of the Web opinion
Is JavaScript becoming a ‘kitchen sink’ language?
Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert

Pyjs: A Toolkit for Writing JavaScript-Powered Webapps in Python tools
It started life as a Python port of Google Web Toolkit.

jquery.stacky: Easy Stacking of Panels using jQuery code
A jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to open panels horizontally on demand.
Miguel Jiménez

angular-dragula: Drag and Drop Component for Angular code
Nicolas Bevacqua

Highlighter.js: Easily Navigate, Select and Highlight DOM Elements code

Cycle.js: A Reactive Framework for Human-Computer Interaction code
André Staltz