JavaScript Weekly
Issue 303 — September 29, 2016
It’s been in beta for several weeks, but our new React-focused newsletter is going well :-) If React is your thing, definitely check it out. Latest issue here.
Cooper Press

A tool that wraps all immediately-invoked functions or likely-to-be-invoked functions in parentheses to speed up most JavaScript parsers’ initial parsing times.
Nolan Lawson

The latest Chrome Canary lets you debug your browser JavaScript files and Node.js ones in the same DevTools window in parallel.
Serg Hospodarets

Frontend Masters
Brian Holt (Netflix) introduces you to React plus surrounding ecosystem including: Redux for state management, React Router for navigation and more!
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

All very experimental for now but the idea is to let third-party services deploy their own network request handlers. For example, a Web font service could install a service worker to cache fonts across all tabs.
Google Developers

A practical look at using reactive programming with RxJS to build a weather app.
Martin Gontovnikas

A look at the proposal currently in the works at TC39 to simplify asynchronous iteration even further.
Nicolás Bevacqua

A look at the things you can create using features and tools that Electron inherits from the Chromium browser, Node, and the vast ecosystem of npm modules. 42 minutes.
Zeke Sikelianos

Years of work has culminated in a 1.0 release for this mobile-friendly interactive map generation library.
Vladimir Agafonkin

Draw graphics, then g9 automatically makes them interactive for end users. There’s a great set of code-driven explanations and demos to learn more.


In Brief

Node v6.7.0, v0.12.16, v0.10.47 and v4.6.0 Released news node
Several releases for important security reasons.
Node.js Foundation

jQuery 3.1.1 Released (A Patch Release, No New Features) news
jQuery Foundation

Manage State in Your React App with Redux tutorial
Write a Redux application from scratch and learn how to reduce boilerplate in your next React project.
Stormpath  Sponsor

Quick Examples to Help You Work With the DOM tutorial
Covers the basics.
Juha Lindstedt

3 Useful Babel Presets tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

How to Add or Remove a CSS Class with Vanilla JavaScript tutorial

The 4 Stages of Perf Tuning Your Angular2 App tutorial
Vinci Rufus

JavaScript Promises 102: The 4 Promise Methods tutorial
Ire Aderinokun

Slackwatch: Monitor Your AWS Service from Slack using Cloudwatch and SNS tutorial
Take a note from Bandwidth developer Ed Hintz on how to monitor your AWS service via Slack - it's an easy way to make Slack work for you and your team even more effectively.
Bandwidth  Sponsor

Building an Angular 2 App with a Java EE Backend video
Adam Bien

Things You Can Do In ES6 That Can't Be Done In ES5 video
24 minutes.
Dan Shappir

Thoughts on JavaScript vs C++ After Creating The Same 3D Game in Both opinion

Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating opinion
“like trying to learn a new video game and starting on hard core mode”
Liz Bennett

Why You Should Avoid document.write, Specifically for Script Injection opinion
Damien Jubeau

Clipboard.js: Copy to Clipboard Without Flash code
Zeno Rocha

Choreographer: A Simple Library to Take Care of Complex CSS Animations code
Demo here.
Christine Cha

Bcoin: An Advanced Full Node JS Bitcoin Implementation code
Even works in the browser.

Marko: Templating Engine and UI Component Library from eBay code

navigo: A Simple Vanilla JavaScript Router with Fallback for Older Browsers code
Krasimir Tsonev

Render React and React Router v4 On-Demand with CDN Caching code
Uses Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and CloudFront.
Lari Hoppula

CurrencyFormatter.js: Easy Formatting of Values in 155 Currencies code
Contains 155 currency and 715 locale definitions out of the box.
OSREC Financial

Taggd: A jQuery Plugin to Add Notes to Images code
Add notes and additional information to images, responsively.
Tim Severien