JavaScript Weekly
Issue 304 — October 6, 2016
The (very thorough) results from Sacha Greif’s (creator of Telescope) ‘State of JavaScript’ survey. Over 9,000 of you took part and there’s lots to learn here.
Sacha Greif

After 8 alphas, 8 betas and 8 RCs, Vue 2.0 is ready for production. It’s a lot faster than before, and includes a great introductory guide.
Evan You

The complexity of the JS ecosystem can sometimes prove overwhelming — here, Jose takes a satirical look at how varied the JS landscape is in 2016. This provoked much discussion and many responses.
Jose Aguinaga

Frontend Masters
Most people are aware that Dev Tools exist.. to tweaking CSS or the interactive console. But there is so much more! Let’s look at every dev tools and learn to edit, debug and profile web applications!
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Dr. Axel looks at ‘global’, a proposal for a standard way to access the global object in JavaScript across all types of runtime.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

An in-depth comparison between Angular 2 and React.
Eric Elliott

A write-up of what’s going on with TC39 (the group working on specifying the latest versions of JavaScript) around ECMAScript Module support in Node. A great look at the issues involved.
James M Snell

The tale of how a developer with an idea for a JavaScript data grid control turned it into an entire company. I hope this inspires some of you.
Niall Crosby


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In Brief

A Book Apart Releases 'JavaScript for Web Designers' Book news
Mat Marquis

Latest WebKit Build Supports JavaScript Internationalization API news

A Look At The 'Rest/Spread Properties' ES Proposal news
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Join Google for Polymer Summit 2016 via Livestream on 17-18 October event
Featuring 2 days of talks on Polymer, Web Components, Progressive Web Apps, & the future of the mobile web
Google Inc.  Sponsor

Chrome Dev Summit 2016 event
Registration for the Chrome Dev Summit is now open (San Francisco, Nov 10-11). Join Chrome VP Darin Fisher for two days of announcements and talks from the Chrome team.

Lazy-Loading ES2015 Modules in the Browser tutorial
How to load ES2015 modules synchronously (during the page load) and asynchronously (performing lazy-loading) using System.js.
Tiago Garcia

A Quick, Practical Guide to JavaScript Promises tutorial
Dominik Kundel

Create a Trello Clone using Angular, Node.js, Mongo, and Express tutorial
This in-depth tutorial details how to write a Trello-like ticketing system from scratch.

Embedding ChakraCore into CLR / C# Apps on Windows tutorial
Eric Rozell

Elegant Form Validation Using React tutorial
Jordan Schaenzle

Loading Polyfills Only When Needed tutorial
How to conditionally load polyfills while considering the balance of simplicity and performance.
Philip Walton

Saved from Callback Hell tutorial
Camilo Reyes believes that by applying some SOLID principles, callbacks can still be a useful technique.

Using the Fetch API for Modern Async Server Calls tutorial
How the new fetch API is a better replacement for XHR when fetching resources.
Jared Faris

Variable and Function Hoisting in ES2015 tutorial
Ire Aderinokun

The Guide to Promises in Computed Properties in Ember tutorial
Frank Treacy

Write Better Apps in Angular 2: Rangle’s Online Training Program course
Rangle offers this free Angular 2 online training program for JavaScript developers. Register now to join the session on October 18-19.
RANGLE.IO  Sponsor

Why I Believe GraphQL Will Come to Replace REST opinion
Martijn Walraven

Canary in the Gold Mine: Test npm Modules on a Specific Node Version tools
Node.js Foundation

Lasso: Advanced JS Module Bundler, Asset Pipeline and Optimizer tools

iView: UI Component Library with Vue.js code

mFancyTitle: jQuery Plugin That Animates Your Page's Title code
Federica Sibella