JavaScript Weekly
Issue 305 — October 13, 2016
A new way to install and manage your npm packages. The initial community response has been very positive, it’s very fast, and there’s already a screencast introduction.
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A pure JS port of the Tesseract OCR engine supporting over 60 languanges, automatic orientation, script detection, character bounding boxes and more. There’s a live demo right on the page.
Guillermo Webster and Kevin Kwok

A JavaScript implementation of the full HTML5 form validation and constraints API that replaces or polyfills the browser’s native methods.

Google Inc.
Google’s Polymer Summit will feature two days of talks on Polymer, Web Components, Progressive Web Apps, and the future of the mobile web. All sessions will be livestreamed from our website on 17 and 18 October. Please sign up here to learn more.
Google Inc.   Sponsor

The transcript of a chat between several experts discussing whether the jQuery project is still useful in modern web development.
Telerik Developer Network

Robert Pierce concludes React is not ‘open source.’ This spawned a large Hacker News discussion.
El Camino Legal LLP

Todd Motto explains the strategies that you can use on existing Angular 1.x codebases to get them into shape for future Angular 2 refactoring.
Todd Motto

A look at the work behind reducing the memory consumed by V8’s parser and its compilers.
Michael Hablich


  • Front End Developer at GeckoboardGeckoboard is a successful and growing 30-person startup based in East London looking for curious and creative problem solvers to help create beautiful UIs with React and ES6. Geckoboard
  • Node.js developer at Econify (New York, NY)Econify is a software development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking a senior Node.js developer. Elixir knowledge a plus. Econify
  • The End of Job Hunting As You Know ItYou're on the cutting edge of technology, why job hunt like it's the 90s? Try Hired today and have 4,000+ top companies apply for the chance to interview you. Hired

In Brief

Comparing 176,000 tech salaries news
The best city to be a techie is Seattle, WA with an average individual salary $36,121 above household median.
Swizec Teller  Sponsor

Angular 2.1.0 Now Available news
The Router now supports preloading of lazy loaded modules

Chrome Dev Summit 2016 news
Chrome Dev Summit 2016 will take place in San Francisco, CA on Nov 10-11. Join Chrome VP Darin Fisher for two days of announcements and talks from the Chrome team. Register now with code JAVASCRIPTWEEKLY

Level up your Ember Skills with simplabs' workshops course
simplabs are offering Ember.JS workshops, ranging from 3 day Jumpstart events to advanced workshops which cover techniques like complex component architectures, FastBoot and Testing.
simplabs  Sponsor

The Art of Writing Quality READMEs tutorial
Stephen Whitmore

Recursion in JavaScript with ES6, Destructuring and Rest/Spread tutorial
Hugo Di Francesco

npm vs Yarn Cheat Sheet tutorial
Gant Laborde

A React Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By tutorial
Updated this year for the latest React.
Shusaku Uesugi

Build A Material Design App with Angular 2 tutorial
Daniel Zen

Getting Started with Angular 2 End To End Testing tutorial

Building A Netflix-Style UI in React tutorial
Jack Oliver and Sophia Shoemaker

A JavaScript Journey with Only Six Characters tutorial
How (and why) you can write JS with just six characters.
Jasper Cashmore

Simple JavaScript Speech Recognition in the Browser tutorial
David Walsh

Making Electron Development Simpler, More Pleasant and Productive video
An engineer at Slack demonstrates the tools Slack used to reduce friction in Electron development.
Machisté Quintana

Writing A Pong Game in JavaScript video
A 52-minute tutorial showing how to recreate Pong with ES6. Play the end-result here.
Meth Meth Method

Does Angular 2 Live Up to The Hype? opinion
Tyler Church

This Infographic Explains Why JS Dev Seems So Complicated opinion
Giles Bowkett

Why Yehuda Katz is Working on Yarn opinion
Yehuda Katz

JavaScript Fatigue Fatigue opinion
Quincy Larson

gDoc.js: Use Google Sheets as a CMS or to Send Data To code
Jade Allen Cook

Cerebral: Define and Manage Your Entire App's State in a Single State Tree code
Christian Alfoni

13 jQuery Select Box/Drop-Down Plugins code
Simon Codrington