JavaScript Weekly
Issue 306 — October 20, 2016
At OSCON last week, the jQuery Foundation announced its renaming to the JS Foundation, an entity “committed to creating a center of gravity within the exponentially expanding JS ecosystem”. Its projects include ESLint, jQuery and Webpack.
The New Stack

Dr. Axel explains another potential addition to JavaScript: asynchronous iteration. He also shows how you can use it now via Babel.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Three major updates for Node this month, with v7 set to become the new ‘current’ release line, v6 transitioning to LTS, and v0.10 reaching its ‘end of life’ with no patches at all beyond October.
Node.js Foundation

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No, it’s not the exponentiation operator, or Array.prototype.includes(), it’s that "use strict" can’t be used in functions with non-simple parameter lists.
Nicholas C. Zakas

Angular 2 presents two different methods for creating forms, template-driven (as used in Angular 1.x) or reactive. Todd digs into the latter.
Todd Motto

Is package manager fatigue soon to become a thing? Tim Severien summarizes everything you need to know and compares Yarn to io.js.

Julian Motz takes a look at jQuery’s document.ready() method and shows a more vanilla JS approach.


In Brief

The Linux Foundation Unites JavaScript Community for Open Web Development news
JS Foundation

A Quick Review of New Features in Angular 2.1 news
Gerard Sans

Ember.js 2.8-LTS, 2.9 and 2.10 Beta Released news

Facebook Wants Your Input for JSX 2.0 news

Angular 1.x Banned From Use in Firefox Addons news
Martin Probst of Google notes that “We believe this is likely a misunderstanding”. Updates to follow.

Chrome Dev Summit 2016 news
Chrome Dev Summit 2016 will take place at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco, CA on November 10-11. Join Chrome VP Darin Fisher for two full days of announcements and talks from the Chrome team. Register now with code JAVASCRIPTWEEKLY
Google Inc.  Sponsor

A Practical Introduction to ES6 Generator Functions tutorial
David Tang

Some Simple ES6 Syntax Tricks tutorial
Emil Ong

How to Create Your Own TypeScript Type Definition Files (.d.ts) tutorial
A very thorough tutorial.
Wolk Software Engineering

A Visual Guide to State in React tutorial
Dave Ceddia

Experimenting with async/await in Node.js 7 Nightly tutorial node
Gergely Nemeth

JavaScript for Web Designers: DOM Scripting tutorial
Mat Marquis

Using Yarn with Docker tutorial
Martino Fornasa

Searching JavaScript Arrays Efficiently with includes and indexOf tutorial
Dudley Storey

Building a 3D Minecraft-Style Editor in JavaScript tutorial
Christopher Pitt

Ember and Rails 5 with JSON API: A Modern Bridge tutorial
Ember Igniter

Medium-Like Image Loading with Vue.js tutorial
Louis Zawadzki

Polymer Summit 2016: Recordings of All Talks Are Now Available video
Catch up now on all talks from Polymer Summit 2016.

Is MVC Dead for The Frontend? opinion
Alex Moldovan

Why You Shouldn’t Use ‘var’ Anymore opinion
And how ‘let’ solves a common JavaScript “gotcha”…
Mark Brouch

Debugging JS errors in production tools
100% open source tool for catching errors, even if they're minified. Plugins for React, Vue, & Angular 1 or 2.
Sentry  Sponsor

Faltu: Search Sort, Filter, and Limit An Array of Objects in MongoDB-esque Style code
Moin Uddin

Vivus.js: Bring SVGs to Life by 'Drawing' Them via Animations code

meSing.js: JavaScript Singing Synthesis Library code
With a demo here.
David Su