JavaScript Weekly
Issue 307 — October 27, 2016
Async functions allow you to write promise-based code as if it were synchronous but without blocking the main thread.
Jake Archibald

A to-the-point guide to setting up ES6, Babel, Gulp, ESLint, React, Redux, Webpack, Immutable, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, and Flow.
Jonathan Verrecchia

Based around V8 5.4 which has 98% coverage of ES6 features. 7.x will get the latest features first, with 6.9 being the new LTS version. Note that there are breaking features, such as unhandled promise rejections emitting process warnings. See this week's Node Weekly for more.
Node.js Foundation

Kendo UI delivers everything you need to build modern web applications under tight deadlines - from the must-haves Data Grids & DropDowns to Spreadsheet & Scheduler. Choose from 70+ UI components and combine them to create beautiful, responsive apps.
Progress   Sponsor

Moritz Kröger discusses his experiences of using Redux without React — the problems faced, the solutions attempted and lessons learned along the way.

A new series of five crowdfunded books exploring Modular JavaScript. A draft of the first book, Practical ES6, is available to check out now.
Nicolás Bevacqua

A fun, easily accessible tutorial walking through the bare basics of building a DBN (a design markup language) to SVG compiler.
Mariko Kosaka


In Brief

Google’s Dart Programming Language Returns to The Spotlight news

npm 4.0 Released news

New Course: React Native (feat. Redux) ...Build Mobile Apps in JS course
Use the same skills you use on the web to build cross-platform, native applications in JavaScript.
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

Exploring Typed Arrays in JavaScript tutorial
Valerii Iatsko

Building D3 Components with React tutorial
Alan B Smith

3 Cases Where JavaScript Generators Rock tutorial
Gosha Arinich

Stateful and Stateless Components, The Missing Manual tutorial
An in-depth look at what stateful and stateless components are.
Todd Motto

Data Hiding in ES6 tutorial
Lance Ball

Angular 2 Form Fundamentals: Template-Driven Forms tutorial
Todd Motto

Easy Creation of HTML with JavaScript’s Template Strings tutorial
Wes Bos

Playing with Genetic Algorithms in JavaScript video
Building a simple AI tool to find solutions to hard problems. 24 minutes
Nikolay Nemshilov

How to Push a React.js App to Production and Sleep Better at Night video
Testing and monitoring techniques to deliver and maintain a React + Redux app while being able to sleep without fear of everything breaking in the night. 29 minutes.
Emanuele Rampichini

Why GitLab Chose Vue.js opinion

HyperDev - Developer playground for building full-stack web apps, fast tools
Combining automated deployment, instant hosting and collaborative editing to get you coding with no setup.
Fog Creek Software  Sponsor

PurpleJS: An Alternative to Node.js for Java Projects tools
A JS app framework that runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

JS Ipsum: Generate Your Own JS Gibberish Text tools
Lunar Logic

Shave: Truncate Text To Fit Within an HTML Element code
Dollar Shave Club

JsonLogic: Serialize and Share Complex Rules as JSON code
Jeremy Wadhams

Swip: A Library to Create Multi Device Experiments code
Expand canvases or active Web page space across multiple devices placed next to each other.
Paul Sonnentag

flv.js: An HTML5 FLV Player code