JavaScript Weekly
Issue 308 — November 3, 2016
A walk through a soon to be released 2nd version of the popular JavaScript bundler. Jack Franklin has also written a handy migrating to Webpack 2 guide.
Drew Powers

Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, is the special guest for the very last episode of JavaScript Air.
JavaScript Air

Jedd Ahyoung demonstrates how to combine the power of PDF.js and the Aurelia framework to create a custom PDF viewer with two way data binding.
Jedd Ahyoung

RASON.COM by Frontline Systems Inc
Solve powerful optimization and simulation models in your app easily with the RASON® API. Use a high-level modeling language embedded in JSON, and a simple, Azure-backed REST API service.
RASON.COM by Frontline Systems Inc   Sponsor

A library built on top of the W3C web component specs for writing functional and performant web components with a small footprint.
Trey Shugart

A great effect visually, but also a practical way to see what’s contained within bundled JavaScript files and what’s taking up the most space.
Yuriy Grunin

Stateless authentication is a great fit for Angular apps. In this post, Ryan Chenkie talks about implementing it using JSON Web Tokens.
Ryan Chenkie

The WebAssembly project has reached a Browser Preview stage, with multiple interoperable implementations from Firefox, Edge and the V8 project to try.
Seth Thompson

Some insights into the pros and cons of different JavaScript and asset packaging approaches.
Eric Grosse

We're at issue 10 now and putting most of our React stories there instead.
React Status


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In Brief

Announcing Dart Sass: A Dart Implementation of the Sass CSS Pre-Processor news
It’s fast, and compatible with JavaScript, naturally.

async/await Support in Firefox Nightly news

A JS Logo Guessing Game, Purely for Fun news
Can you identify over 100 libraries and tools from their logos alone?
Sami Suo-Heikki

Join us for Chrome Dev Summit 2016 via Livestream on November 10-11th news
All sessions of Chrome Dev Summit 2016 will be livestreamed from our website on Nov. 10-11. Sign up for livestream updates.
Google Inc.  Sponsor

Using HTML Form Validation in Pure JavaScript tutorial
Raymond Camden

Angular 2 Testing In Depth: How to Test Services and Use DI tutorial
Gábor Soós

Getting Started with Ember and 'Data Down Actions Up' tutorial
Ember Igniter

Make Dynamic Tables in Seconds from JSON Data tutorial
Tabulator is a jQuery UI plugin for quickly creating dynamic tables.
Oli Folkerd

Building an Autocomplete Widget with React tutorial
Azat Mardan

Generating Sounds Programmatically in the Browser with JavaScript tutorial
Marc G Gauthier

Discover How to Write Apps in Angular 2 with Rangle’s Online Sessions course
Register to join Rangle’s free Angular 2 online training course for JavaScript developers on November 22-23.
RANGLE.IO  Sponsor

A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue opinion
Practical pointers for navigating the ‘confusing’ JavaScript ecosystem.
Sacha Greif

TinyTyper: A Tiny Library for Creating A Typing Effect On Specified Text Element tools
Korney Vasilchenko

Gatsby: Transform Plain Text Into Dynamic Blogs and Sites using React tools

Recordy: Simple Audio Recording in the Browser code
Maximilian Torggler

JSONata: A JSON Query and Transformation Language code
A new way to extract values from JSON documents.

Fuse.js: Lightweight Fuzzy-Search with Zero Dependencies code
Kirollos Risk

egjs: jQuery-Based UI Interactions, Effects, and Utilities Library code

Typeis.js: A Simple JavaScript Value Type Checker code

medium-draft: A Medium-Like Rich Text Editor Built on Draft.js code
With a strong focus on keyboard shortcuts.
Brijesh Bittu