JavaScript Weekly
Issue 309 — November 10, 2016
If Angular 2 seems fresh, well, Angular 3 is expected in March. It’s not a rewrite though. Google promises a new major version twice a year. Todd Motto tells us not to worry and explains more.
Paul Krill

Lukas White walks through the various options for logging errors in the browser, and solutions for persisting error data to the server for reporting.

Learn how to build a full stack JavaScript app & RESTful API server you can customize and scale. Read More.
Heroku   Sponsor

Todd Motto shares his list of “modern Angular 1.x” interview questions, with a focus on component architecture and modern “best practices”.
Todd Motto

Features a straightforward API, ES6 based, asm.js acceleration, Webpack friendly, and works with Three.js.
Alexander Buzin

David Catuhe explains how shaders work and how you can build your own to render graphics in the browser.
Smashing Magazine

Interesting insights on a variety of development technologies (leaning heavily towards JavaScript though). They’re hot on Ember, React and Redux, but less keen on Angular.

A thorough exploration of using a TDD approach when incorporating services into your Angular applications.
Matt Fehskens


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In Brief

TypeScript 2.1 RC: Better Inference, Async Functions, and More news

Develop for Microsoft Surface, Windows Phones & Desktop in JavaScript 
Sign up for the Windows 10 Beta Program and deliver native Windows, Android and iOS apps from a single JS codebase.
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The Missing Immutable.js Manual with All The Examples You’ll Ever Need tutorial
Mike Evans

6 Tiny But Awesome ES6 Features tutorial
David Walsh

Basic Python for JavaScript Developers tutorial
Mario Pabon

Developing a RESTful API with Node and TypeScript tutorial node
Michael Herman

Writing a JavaScript Framework: Data Binding with ES6 Proxies tutorial
Explains how you can create a simple, yet powerful data binding library with ES6 Proxies.
Bertalan Miklos

Build PacMan: A Book for Learning JS By Building a Canvas Game tutorial
Readable for free online.
Jeffrey Biles

4 Things Vue.js Got Right opinion
JS Dojo

gron: Make JSON Greppable tools
Francois-Guillaume Ribreau

JSCity: Visualizing JavaScript Source Code As Navigable 3D Cities tools
Applied Software Engineering Research Group

Visual Studio Code JavaScript Extensions tools
Extensions that can help productivity when using Visual Studio Code.
Microsoft Developer

ESLint Compare tools
Visually compare a range of popular and custom ESLint configs.
Søren Louv-Jansen

12 jQuery Table Plugins tools

How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application tools
Find bottlenecks in your code or database & boost performance with ANTS Performance Profiler 9. Try it free.
Red Gate  Sponsor

Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Pure JavaScript code
Joran Dirk Greef

goja: An ECMAScript 5.1 Implementation Written in Go code

EclairJS: A JavaScript API to Apache Spark code

ng2-rest-api: A Rest API Provider for Angular 2 code
Denis Artyuhovich

turbo.js: Perform Parallel GPU Computations in JS From Your Browser code