JavaScript Weekly
Issue 310 — November 17, 2016
A module bundler with super simple code splitting support that aims for extremely efficient packing. It uses Browserify, Babel and Closure Compiler behind the scenes.
Malte Ubl

Jumpstart projects with a UI kit, set of Angular 2 components, and HTML/CSS framework.

Kent C. Dodds is super excited about Jest as an alternative to AVA and Mocha, and explains how he was won over after not initially being a fan.
Kent C. Dodds

Frontend Masters
Starting this week, Frontend Masters is offering all their LIVE online workshops from world-class experts, 100% free for members. Get unlimited access to ALL live online workshops, plus 50+ awesome courses for just $39/mo.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

This isn’t about if Ember is better than React, but is a thorough look at how and why one team chose Ember for their project.
Jesse Pollak

React and React DOM are now finally separated, React component events can now be monitored in the Chrome Timeline, and you can now provide mock refs to test renderers.
Dan Abramov

Monkey testing is a method of testing that generates random user input - clicks, swipes, entering input - with the sole purpose of finding issues with, or entirely breaking, your app.
Alicia Sedlock

With the aid of seven comprehensive demos, Mark Brown introduces you to Choo — a fun new framework for building single page apps in a functional manner.

We first linked this earlier this year when it was more experimental but it has seen lots of updates and adoption recently.
Jason Miller


In Brief

Angular 2.2.0 Now Available news
No breaking changes, but you can now AOT compile Angular 2 Components and Modules when using @angular/upgrade.

Screeps: A MMO RTS Sandbox Game Where You Code JavaScript news
You program unit AI using JavaScript within the game. Note: This is a commercial, pay-for game.

A Dead Simple Intro to Destructuring JavaScript Objects tutorial
Wes Bos

Building Angular 2 Web and Native Apps from a Single Codebase tutorial
Telerik Developer Network

Creating a Reactive UI Framework with Proxies and Virtual DOM tutorial
A quick look at the core of creating a React + MobX-lite of your own.
Francesco Strazzullo

Custom Validators in Template Driven Angular 2 Forms tutorial
Juri Strumpflohner

How to Build a WebSocket Multi-Client Chat using Ionic and Node tutorial
London App Developer

An Introduction Into Lenses in JavaScript tutorial
Essentially functional getters/setters.
A. Sharif

Vue.js, The Progressive Framework video
Evan You

Visualizing Data with D3.js video
A live stream from Sirajology, a popular coding YouTuber.

How to Get Started with Framework7, Vue.js and Webpack video
Timo Ernst

Next.Js: Is It The Next Big Thing in JavaScript? opinion
Arunoda Susiripala

Which IDE / Editor Are You Using for JavaScript? opinion
WebStorm, vim, and Visual Studio Code are notably popular.

You Might Not Need Promises opinion
And why callbacks are just fine in some cases.
Declan de Wet

Komodo IDE: The Best IDE for Web and Mobile Developers tools
Web & mobile devs get all their favorite frameworks, languages, and tools in one cross-platform, polyglot IDE
ActiveState  Sponsor

8 JS Libraries for Interactive Map Visualizations tools
Ruslan Borovikov

interceptjs: jQuery Plugin to Handle 'Call to Action' Intercepts code

ChaosSocket: A WebSocket Mocking Interface code
Hector Zarco

Victory: Modular Charting and Data Visualization React Components code
Formidable Open Source

Try Kendo UI - the most complete JavaScript/HTML UI library with 70+ widgets code
Need to build web applications? From Data Grids to Spreadsheet, Kendo UI has 70+ UI components to choose from to create responsive apps.
progress  Sponsor