JavaScript Weekly
Issue 311 — November 24, 2016
Inspired by Next.js is a new framework built with ES6 that supports automatic transpilation and bundling, hot code reloading, and server-side rendering.
Sebastien and Alexandre Chopin

A jQuery-based library that allows you to add asynchronous server requests to your pages using HTML attributes alone.

Many once useful Angular tutorials use now-outdated Angular practices. What sort of things should you watch out for?
Aviv Ben-Yosef

The 2.3.1 release includes a bunch of important enhancements, including GitHub integration on server-side scripts, new APIs for Logstash and AWS Redshift, and security improvements.
DreamFactory   Sponsor

A library devoted to implementing motion for the web offering a declarative syntax for creating and manipulating page elements.
Sarah Drasner

Christian Heilmann and Rita Zhang look at the benefits of releasing your code as an open source project, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.


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In Brief

Node v7.2.0 (Current) Released news node
A security release impacting Windows 10 users.

Vue 2.1 Released news

dotJS 2016 - Europe's Largest JavaScript Conference Next Month news
Tickets are available now. Use code JAVASCRIPTWEEKLY for a 'late bird' discount.

📖 🎥 React Indie Bundle is back: Cyber Monday watch out 
Learn React, support open source. Build better webapps faster > 6 books, 73 hours of video. Sales start Nov 28th.
Swizec et al.  Sponsor

You Don't Know Node: A Quick, Free Entry-Level Node Course course
Azat Mardan

Immutable.js: An Introduction with Examples Written for Humans tutorial
Mike Evans

Building a Vue.js App using Vue Router tutorial
Mike Street

Animating the DOM with Anime.js tutorial
Antonietta Perna

Setting up a Minimal, Yet Useful JavaScript Dev Environment tutorial
Kamil Ogórek

Explaining Closures and the Scope Chain with Examples tutorial
Alec Lownes

React Snippets: Debug Component Performance with ES7 Annotations tutorial
Using a custom ES7 decorator to find reasons for rendering performance issues.
Bastian Heist

Building Universal JavaScript Applications video
Jack Franklin’s talk from Front-End London. 27 minutes.

thingsSDK: A Toolkit for Dev on Cheap JS-Enabled Microcontrollers video tools
Andrew Chalkley

Debug Your DOM History using Vorlon.js tools
Includes a DOM Timeline which lets you track the history of DOM events.
Etienne Margraff

How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application 
Find bottlenecks in your code or database & boost performance with ANTS Performance Profiler 9. Try it free
Red Gate  Sponsor

Fitted: Simplify HTTP Requests with ES7 Decorators code
Joris Blaak

gDriveSync.js: A Wrapper Library for Google Drive API V3 code

Riot.js 3.0: A Simple and Elegant Component-Based UI Library code
You can see the release notes here.

HolographicJS: Build Windows 'Holographic' Apps with JS and WebGL code
Loch Wansbrough

ForceJS: A Library for using Salesforce's APIs in ES6 Apps code
Christophe Coenraets

Amazon Autocomplete JS Plugin code
Carlos Roso

pixelmatch: A Small and Fast Pixel-Level Image Comparison Library code
Includes anti-aliased pixel detection and perceptual color difference metrics.

Koto: A D3 Framework for Reusable Charts code