JavaScript Weekly
Issue 312 — December 1, 2016

Some readers have been wondering where the React news has gone - we started React Status a few months ago focusing on React, so check it out for your dose of React-only news :-)

Rich Harris introduces Svelte, a new 'disappearing' UI framework built around the idea that a framework need not be distributed to end users, but that framework code could be compiled in advance for more efficient use in production.
Rich Harris

A warning against using too many cutting edge, experimental features, and a look at how new features go through a multi-stage process that’s often overlooked.
Mike Pennisi

A look at the current state of the V8 JavaScript engine, the WebAssembly project, and the relevance of both on JavaScript performance. 34 minutes.
Seth Thompson

Enterprise JavaScript spreadsheet and data presentation components for creating modern data layouts, numerical models, dashboards, reports, and more. Includes Spread.Sheets & Spread.Views. View online samples or download your SpreadJS eval today.
GrapeCity   Sponsor

Vildan Softic builds a Markdown editor with undo/redo functionality to demonstrate using Redux to manage state in Aurelia apps.

Component driven and with a one-way data flow architecture. Only 7KB in size, and includes a feature to migrate from React quickly.
Dominic Gannaway

Rob Eisenberg takes a look at the future of Aurelia, from tooling to server-side rendering to a look at Aurelia UX, Aurelia’s open source sister framework.


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In Brief

Int64 and Uint64 Now Stage 1 Proposals news
Brendan Eich on Twitter

Angular 2.2.4 and 2.3.0-rc0 Released news

Ember 2.10 and 2.11 Beta Released news
Godfrey Chan, Brendan McCloughlin & Nathan Hammond

The State of Front-End Tooling 2016 Survey Results news
A lot of insights from the responses of 4715 developers.
Ashley Nolan

Lambda@Edge: New AWS Service for Running JS at AWS Edge Locations news
Only in preview for now.
Amazon Web Services

Integrated Continuous Testing Tool for JavaScript tools
Instant feedback from your tests and realtime code coverage right in your editor, now with coverage reports.
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

How to Animate Router Transitions in Angular 2 tutorial
Gerard Sans

Clean Up Your Vue Modules with ES6 Arrow Functions tutorial
Jacob Bennett

A Friendly Introduction to Vue.js tutorial
Chase Allen

How to Use Bootstrap Components without jQuery tutorial
Giulio Mainardi

A Look at Advanced Data Tables in React opinion
Comparisons, plus suggestions on which to choose depending on your context.
Philipp Sporrer

Vue.js Fundamentals in 10 Parts video
J. Alexander Curtis

Become a Security Expert While You Code tools
Don’t just write stronger code — become a smarter developer, with Jacks. Find places to secure your Java/JavaScript code and learn how to fix it.
Codiscope Jacks  Sponsor

babel-plugin-log-deprecated: Adds console.warn to Deprecated Functions tools
Gajus Kuizinas

ng2d3: A D3 + Angular2 Composable Reusable Charting Framework code

Angular 2 Idle Preload: Preload Async Routes During Idle Time code
Patrick Stapleton

floating.js: Float Things Over A Page (emojis, hearts, snow, etc.) code
Not the classiest effect ever, but.. it’s December :-)
Haroen Viaene

Vuelidate: Simple, Lightweight Model-Based Validation for Vue.js code