JavaScript Weekly
Issue 313 — December 8, 2016
A great, snappy introduction to, and rationale for, Flow, a static type checker for JavaScript.
Alex Booker

Babel, a JavaScript compiler, has become an essential part of the JavaScript ecosystem in the last year. This post is a thorough tour of what’s going on with it.
Henry Zhu

Yehuda Katz is on the TC39 committee responsible for evolving the language behind JavaScript.
Yehuda Katz

Frontend Masters
Building and deploying complex front-end applications can get complicated. Webpack simplifies this with tons of features catering to all JavaScript apps.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Bills itself as ‘like lodash for dates’, it has over 140 functions for manipulating dates in a variety of ways (e.g. distanceinWords, addDays, isSameWeek, differenceInHours)
Lesha Koss et al.

V8 5.6 will go into production with Chrome 56 in several weeks. It includes a new optimization pipeline and promises key performance and memory usage improvements, specifically for ES6/ES2015.
Michael Hablich

A full-featured release that includes downlevel async function support, object rest and spread, the keyof operator, mapped types, and more.

Angular 1.6 is in the final release candidate stage and should be released this week. Here’s the low down on what to expect.
Todd Motto

Want to see how React Native ticks without any setup or devices? Learn React Native with interactive examples on this site.
React Native Express

From one of the team behind Yarn comes a call for less negativity, fewer personal attacks, and more conversations that work towards positive outcomes.
James Kyle


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In Brief

Angular 2.3.0 Now Available news

A Quick Look at the JS Foundation (formerly the jQuery Foundation) news

A RxJS Workshop with Ben Lesh (Online or in Silicon Valley) news

Vote in the 2016 JS Awards news

Testing with Webpack 2, inject-loader, Karma, Mocha, Chai and Sinon tutorial
Perry Mitchell

Writing Efficient JavaScript tutorial
Felix Maier

Getting Started with D3.js video
Elisabeth Engel

Beginning Your Code Quest: How to Write Your First React Component video
The Reactionary

Komodo IDE: The Best IDE for Web and Mobile Developers tools
Web & mobile devs get all their favorite frameworks, languages, and tools in one cross-platform, polyglot IDE
ActiveState  Sponsor

Innovation in JS, Get Used to It: A DotJS 2016 Conference Report opinion
Christopher Zimmermann

Have You Moved From React to Vue? If So, Why? opinion

You Might Not Need TypeScript (or Static Types) opinion
Eric Elliott

Pull to Refresh.js: A 'Pull to Refresh' Feature with No Markup Needed code
Box Factura

Cleave.js: Format Input Text Content While Typing code
For example, with credit card or phone numbers.

Styletron: A Universal, High Performance CSS-in-JS Engine code
Ryan Tsao

Best in Class UI Components for Angular 2 Development – Kendo UI for Angular 2 code
jQuery-free Angular 2 components built from ground-up which deliver the business app essential building blocks.
Progress  Sponsor

scrollMonitor: A Simple and Fast API to Monitor Elements As You Scroll code
Stu Kabakoff

premonish: Predicts Which DOM Element A User Will Interact With Next code
Matthew Conlen