JavaScript Weekly
Issue 314 — December 15, 2016

Next week's issue will be a special end of year round-up of the best of 2016. Keep your eyes peeled for it next Thursday :-)

Eric Elliott explores what technologies you should care about next year, and where you should invest your time to get the most benefit.
Eric Elliott

Due to a clash of version numbers, the next Angular will be version 4, not 3. A full explanation here plus a run through the release schedule (final is due March 2017).
Igor Minar

Billing itself as the ‘ultimate JavaScript string library’, with Voca you can tweak cases, trim, pad, slugifly, latinise, sprintf, truncate, escape and more.
Dmitri Pavlutin

Codiscope Jacks
Stop writing risky code! Use Jacks to find areas to secure your JavaScript application and learn how to secure it. Get expert advice, in-depth courses, and proven code fixes for free. Try it now.
Codiscope Jacks   Sponsor

Built using Electron, Hyper is a powerful JavaScript-backed terminal emulator. Version 1 brings Windows support and a better Linux version.

Clean, reusable Material Design-inspired components to make building your apps easier.
John Leider

Do libraries and frameworks prioritize components on boot? If so, how, and if not what can we do? In exploring that question Paul Lewis considers that Server-Side Rendering isn’t a silver bullet.
Paul Lewis


In Brief

Big Aurelia Release Update news
Aurelia Project

2016 in Jest: A Big Year for Facebook's JS Testing Tool news
Christoph Pojer

RxJS 5.0 Released: A Reactive Programming Library news

webpack 2.2: The Release Candidate news
Sean T. Larkin

Beginner's Guide to Installing Node 7 on a Raspberry Pi tutorial node
Dave Johnson

Emoji.prototype.length — A Tale of Characters in Unicode tutorial
Stefan Judis

How to Render Components Outside the Main React App tutorial
Ryan Zec

Using Kendo UI With Angular 2 tutorial
Telerik Developer Network

How Ember 2.10 and Glimmer 2 Improved Our App Performance story
The Deveo Blog

Creating a marketing automation platform: an Emarsys case study story
Discover how Emarsys architected a micro-services marketing platform using MongoDB, Postgres & Redis.
Compose  Sponsor

A 110 Minute Intro to Composable Functional JavaScript video
Brian Lonsdorf

Make A JavaScript Drum Kit in Vanilla JS video
Wes Bos

Native JavaScript Development After Internet Explorer opinion

Play With Jest Online Before Installing It tools
Jest is a testing framework built and used by Facebook.

React Fix It: Automagically Generate Tests From Errors tools
Michele Bertoli

Try RASON™ – And Start Using Advanced Analytics in Your Web/Mobile Apps tools
Solve powerful optimization & simulation models in your app easily with RASON™. Use a high-level modeling language embedded in JSON & a simple, Azure-backed REST API. by Frontline Systems Inc  Sponsor

JavaScript State Machine: Library for Managing a Finite Set of States code
Dave Stewart

LoadJS: A Tiny Async Loader for Modern Browsers (710 Bytes) code
Andres Morey

TypeORM: A Data-Mapper ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript code
Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, WebSQL databases.

Dante2: A Medium-Style Editor Built on DraftJs code
Demo here.
Miguel Michelson Martinez

redux-subscriber: Subscribe to Changes in Any Part of Redux State code
Alexander Ivantsov

Pure JavaScript Smooth Image Zooming code
Desmond Ding