JavaScript Weekly
Issue 316 — January 5, 2017
An accessible hands-on look at using Flow, the static type checker, and integrating it with a Babel workflow.
Jack Franklin

Isomorphic, modular, provides a React-like API, and clocks in at 9KB. It’s slightly larger than Preact but claims better performance.

Functional programming continues to be a hot topic in the JavaScript world. Eric Elliott covers what you need to know.
Eric Elliott

Nine days of in-person workshops on Angular 2, React, WebVR, Redux, Async, D3, WebPerf, Ionic, TypeScript and Halogen presented by industry experts this March in San Francisco. Early bird tickets are almost gone.
ForwardJS   Sponsor

Spoiler alert: it’s Vue.js, Svelte, and Conditioner.js (a conditional module loader).
Tim Severien

A straightforward, good looking, vanilla date and time picker. Also available as Vue.js, React, Ember and Angular components/addons.

Works in both the browser and on Node and uses the highest resolution timing options available.
Nolan Lawson

A guide, adapted from Robert C. Martin’s book Clean Code, to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in JavaScript.
Ryan McDermott

A detailed introduction to how you can think about TypeScript, and its ability to improve JavaScript development.
James Henry

Serious about performance for the web? Benedikt argues that we need to start judging browsers “by real world performance and not their ability to game four year old benchmarks”.
Benedikt Meurer


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In Brief

Calling All Speakers: SIGNAL 2017 CFP news
Tell your stories with code at Twilio’s SIGNAL conference on May 24-25 in San Francisco.
Twilio  Sponsor

Migrating A Legacy Frontend Build System to Webpack tutorial
Chang Wang

Build a React App with User Login and Authentication tutorial
Robin Orheden

The 5 Things You Need To Know To Understand React tutorial
Sacha Greif

3 Questions to Watch Out For in a JavaScript Interview opinion
Daniel Borowski

How My 10-Year-Old Learned JavaScript story
“It was a long journey with many bumps in the road”
Rich Klein

A (Very Quick) Introduction to ES6 Proxies video
Kent C. Dodds

Exploring Functional JavaScript (via 6 Great Talks) video
Grzegorz Ziółkowski

Webinar: Why React.js is Game-Changing for Customer Experiences 
Learn why React creates powerful, consistent customer experiences across both mobile and desktop.  Sponsor

The Web Bluetooth Module for Angular tools
Wassim Chegham

5 jQuery Print Page Options tools
Simon Codrington

Shrimpit: CLI Analysis Tool for Checking Unused JS and JSX ES6 Exports tools
Davy Duperron

eventstop: A Minimal Event Library for Node.js and Browser code

Trae: A Minimalistic Fetch-Based HTTP Client for the Browser code
Nicolas Del Valle and Christian Gill

A JS Implementation of Python's range() Function. code
Michał Perłakowski

HTML5 Canvas Gauges (radial, linear, etc.) code
Mykhailo Stadnyk

TexGen.js: Procedural Texture Generation code

Zoom.js: Medium's Image Zoomer, with No Dependencies code
Nishanth Shanmugham