JavaScript Weekly
Issue 317 — January 12, 2017
A new JavaScript code formatter from James Long that supports ES2017, JSX and Flow. He explains it here, along with a live demo, and here’s the repo.
James Long

Jeremy Likness gives an overview of what the Redux framework is, what it helps with, and how to build a web application with Redux and Angular 2.
Telerik Developer Network

Tab Atkins’ EIC mnemonic for remembering callback arguments is fantastic.
Jordan Harband

Sencha, Inc
React can be used to build user interfaces (UIs) for web apps, but React developers have to provide the components to build the UI. Fortunately, there's a better way. Learn how React developers can now use Sencha’s powerful Ext JS components in their React apps, using the new Ext JS Reactor.
Sencha, Inc   Sponsor

If you’re lost when it comes to building and using Web Components, Skate.js and this tutorial could help.
Hector Leon Zarco Garcia

A look at dealing with modules that need to deal with differences between environments.
Nolan Lawson

Todd guides you through creating some advanced Angular 2 components that rebuild Tesla’s battery range calculator, compile it AoT, and deploy it on GitHub pages.
Todd Motto

ArrayBuffers provide efficient access to and storage of binary data, but they behave in slightly different ways depending on how you access them.
Mozilla Hacks

Learn how to perform some simple computer vision activities from Node.
Tomáš Stankovič


  • Senior JavaScript Engineer at Zalando Tech in BerlinZalando is the leading fashion platform in Europe. Work in one of our 200+ autonomous engineering teams and build the technologies and products that connect all parts of the fashion ecosystem. Zalando SE
  • Front End Engineer at EDITED (London)At EDITED you'll collaborate with the product team to refine our web app built with React, Redux and Radium while working alongside fashion experts to make a direct impact on how the world's biggest brands operate. EDITED
  • Senior Frontend EngineerCredit Karma is seeking a Front-End Engineer to join our SF team to help build the next generation of our web platform with React and Node. Drive client-side technical direction, build scalable web apps and deliver ground-breaking user experiences. Credit Karma

In Brief

A Look at the 'import()' ES Proposal news
Currently at stage 2, it enables the dynamic loading of modules.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

The Lead Developer 1-day conference for Tech Leads. 21 Feb, New York. news
Programmed to help team leads stay ahead of new technologies and develop themselves as managers.
White October Events  Sponsor

How to Build and Use a WebAssembly Module tutorial
Still very cutting edge and experimental.
Hector Leon Zarco Garcia

How to Use jQuery Plugins in the React Ecosystem tutorial
Kaloyan Kosev

An Introduction To Functional Front-Ends with Inferno tutorial
A. Sharif

Testing Angular Directives with Custom Matchers tutorial
Thomas Burleson

React, Relay, GraphQL, Async, Redux and D3 course
Get a 2-week free trial to dozens of JavaScript and iOS workshops, including our upcoming live interactive events.
Forward Courses  Sponsor

Binary Operations in JavaScript video
Gonçalo Morais

Speed Programming a Snake Game with JavaScript video
Jamie Nichols

Ember Engines at Scale video
Hear how the British Gas team began decomposing their app into engines.
Paul Abraham

PhoneGap Apps with Vue.js? Yes Please opinion
Holly Schinsky

React or Vue: Which JavaScript UI Library Should You Be Using? opinion
A reasonable comparison article.
JS Dojo

Lebab: Turn Your ES5 Code into Readable ES6 tools
Live demo.

Express Starter Kit with ES2017+ Support, Testing, Linting, & Coverage tools
Vassilis Mastorostergios

Freezer: A Tree Data Structure That Emits Events on Updates code

micromustache: A Small, Optimized Mustache Implementation code
Faster, smaller, and a drop-in replacement for MustacheJS.
Alex Ewerlöf

Siema: A Lightweight Web Carousel with No Dependencies code
Pawel Grzybek

iTyped: Simple JavaScript Animated Typing Effect with No Dependencies code
Luis Vinicius

Mermaid: Generate Diagrams and Flowcharts From Text code
Converts text to diagrams and flowcharts (a la Markdown). GitHub repo.
Knut Sveidqvist

Structure: A Simple Schema/Attributes Library code
Talysson de Oliveira Cassiano

Vuelidate: Simple Model-Based Validation for Vue.js code

Flexdatalist: jQuery Autocomplete with 'datalist' Element Support code
Sérgio Dinis Lopes