JavaScript Weekly
Issue 318 — January 19, 2017
Some interesting analysis of the JavaScript ecosystem based on GitHub star count growth in the past year for areas like frameworks, build tools, and testing frameworks.
Michael Rambeau

Now refactored to ES2015. There’s a v1 to v2 migration guide if you need it.
Sean T. Larkin

An extensive tour of why and what webpack does and what module bundling is all about, if you’re new to it. (Note: Do keep scrolling, it has an unusual effect.)
Arian Allenson M. Valdez

Frontend Masters
Uncover how to think deeply about new ES6 JavaScript features like arrow functions, destructuring, generators, classes and computed properties with Kyle Simpson of the "You Don't Know JS" book series.
Frontend Masters   Sponsor

A fun read going from Netscape 2.0 to the ECMAScript 4 drama and on to now.
Sebastián Peyrott

Async generators and async iteration are likely to ship before too long. Here’s how they work and what challenges you may face using them.
Jonathan Martin

An interactive walkthrough of how to debug JavaScript code using Chrome’s DevTools.
Kayce Basques

TJ VanToll explores the good and ‘less good’ about Angular 2 since its release.


In Brief

ChakraCore Celebrates Its First Anniversary news
Including updates on the JavaScript engine’s road to parity on Linux and macOS.
Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Speeding Up Regular Expressions in V8 news
The V8 team explains the under-the-hood changes speeding up regexes.
Jakob Gruber

Pro Ember.js: An advanced 2-day training event in Berlin course
We'll tackle progressive web apps, modular architecture patterns, performance tuning, authentication & more.
simplabs  Sponsor

Thinking in Redux (When All You’ve Known Is MVC) tutorial
Mikhail Levkovsky

Building and Securing Koa and Angular 2 with JWT tutorial
Bruno Krebs

Communicating Between Web Workers via MessageChannel tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Integrating RxJS with Vue.js tutorial

Understanding Angular's AOT Compilation and Dynamic Components tutorial
Sean Landsman

Getting Started with Vue and Vuex tutorial
Vuex is a state management pattern + library for Vue.js apps.
Matt Bradford

An (Updated) Introduction to Gulp, the Automated Task Runner tutorial
Craig Buckler

Angular in Production: A Case Study with Tips story
Minko Gechev

Vue.js in Less Than 30 Minutes for Beginners video
Dev Coffee

Cleaning Up Code with ESLint (in 13 Minutes) video
Josh Owens

Automatically detect and diagnose JavaScript errors affecting your users tools
Debug JS apps with fully deminified stacktraces and tools to reduce front-end noise so you can assess impact.
Bugsnag  Sponsor

when-dom-ready: A Promise-Based Equivalent of '$(document).ready' code
Luke Childs

Mitt: A Tiny Functional Event Emitter / PubSub in 200 Bytes code
Jason Miller

Zora: A Tiny JavaScript Test Harness code
So simple it can be demonstrated in a CodePen.
Laurent Renard

redux-inputs: A Library for Taming Forms in React code

WebGazer.js: An Eye Tracking Library That Uses Webcams code
Brown HCI Group

Simple Electron App Samples code
Electron makes it easy to build cross platform apps with JS, HTML and CSS.

swarm-numberformat: Format Large Numbers in Several Human-Readable Ways code
Evan Rosson

Intercooler.js: Making AJAX As Easy As Anchor Tags code
LeadDyno, LLC