JavaScript Weekly
Issue 319 — January 26, 2017
Dr. Axel demonstrates how a proposed ‘spec mode’ for Babel will help you prepare for a world of native ES modules.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

How to significantly change 30,000 lines of client-side JavaScript without breaking things? This team tried both Flow and TypeScript and brought some minimal typing into play.
Nicholas Kariniemi

Ionic 2.0.0 comes with new cross-platform components with 100% Material Design support, a 'native feature' plugin system, and enhanced performance.
Official Ionic Blog

npm, Inc.
npm’s the obvious choice for managing JavaScript dependencies, but when Ellie Mae built a web app, they needed to keep some code private. How? “Choose tools that work with the grain of how you want to work, and work with the grain of your tools…”
npm, Inc.   Sponsor

.js is to join .exe, .bat, and other file types in being blocked for security reasons. You’ll need to archive or host them instead from February.

Nearley is a fast and modern parser toolkit for JavaScript that uses the Earley algorithm and this is a handy walkthrough the ideas involved.
Gajus Kuizinas

What are ‘observables’? Why are they helpful for asynchronous communication? And how can you use them in an Angular 2 application with RxJS? Answers here.
Jen Looper

ES2017 is picking up some new concepts that will help with building higher-level concurrency abstractions. Here’s Axel with the deep dive.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Regular expressions were added to JS 18 years ago and have only been slightly improved. Mathias looks at five new proposals under consideration to improve them further.
Mathias Bynens


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In Brief

Using Redux for Managing Immutable State tutorial
David Xu

JavaScript Array Methods: Mutating vs. Non-Mutating tutorial
Loren Stewart

Working with HTTP Streams with Cycle.js tutorial
Ivan Jovanovic

New Course: ⚡️ ES6 The Right Parts with Kyle Simpson course
Uncover new ES6 JS features like arrow functions, generators and computed properties with Kyle Simpson's book series: "You Don't Know JS".
Frontend Masters  Sponsor

A Look at TypeScript 2.1's Mapped Types tutorial
Create new types from existing ones by transforming properties.
Marius Schulz

How To Conditionally Load Modules with StealJS tutorial
Manuel Mujica

Source Maps with webpack in Chrome tutorial
Erik Aybar

JS Library Development in ES6 with Babel, Mocha and npm Scripts tutorial
Hugo Di Francesco

Getting Started with Vue.js 2.0 in 2017 for Beginners video
A tidy 20 minute intro and live coding demo.
Erik Hanchett

Code-Splitting Your Way to Better Performance with Webpack video
A quick 6 minute conversation.
Google Chrome Developers

ES6 and Beyond Workshop at PayPal (January 2017) video
Kent C Dodds

JSDOW: Chart Daily/Weekly Download Numbers for npm Packages tools
Who wants to add a virtual stock game to this? ;-)

Best in Class UI Components for Angular Development – Kendo UI for Angular code
100% jQuery-free Angular components built from ground-up which deliver the business app essential building blocks.
Progress  Sponsor

BuckleScript: A JavaScript Backend for the OCaml Compiler code
Bloomberg Finance

Tilt.js: Tiny Parallax Tilt Effect for jQuery code
Gijs Rogé

qart.js: Merges Pictures and QR Codes for Artistic QR Codes code
Clever, I’m surprised the output worked (I tested it!)
Lee Sun-Hyoup