JavaScript Weekly
Issue 321 — February 9, 2017
A look at what’s involved in the process of getting your code running in the first place. What slows it down, how can you measure it, and what can you do to lower parse times?
Addy Osmani

Guillaume Plique

A trip down memory lane for anyone who was working with JavaScript in the late 00s as MooTools was a popular JS utility library at the time.
Between the Wires

Ideal for visualizing hierarchical data, sunburst charts display categorical data “tiers.” Walk through four steps, from preparing the data model to building the chart view, to display the periodic table of elements as a sunburst chart on the web using Wijmo.
Wijmo   Sponsor

React Native has come a long way since it was open-sourced in 2015. Instagram reflects on the successes some of its teams have had with it.
Instagram Engineering

GraphicsJS makes it easy to create vector based graphics easily across browsers as far back as Chrome 1 and IE 6.
Roman Lubushkin

Work on WebAssembly continues to march ahead, but are the promised performance gains coming to light? In Firefox, most definitely.
Stefan Krause

A Chrome extension that helps you see how your Vue.js app is running.

The first in a 4 part series (part 2 is also out) walking through the process of building an Angular(2) app with Angular-CLI and Material Design.
Tracy Lee

Queries data via your existing REST APIs, stores state and data within Redux reducers automatically, manages caching, and more.
Tony Holdstock-Brown


In Brief

It's Time to Vote On An Official WebAssembly Logo news
Voting is open for the next two weeks. The logo with the most ‘thumbs up’ will then be deemed the official WebAssembly logo.

ForwardJS: Live Angular 2 & React workshops in San Francisco, Feb 25-Mar 5 news
Last chance for Advance tickets to 9 days of JavaScript lectures and workshops by industry experts.
ForwardJS & Forward Swift  Sponsor

A Toast to ES2015 Destructuring tutorial
“a real life use case for destructuring”
Phil Nash

Filtering and Chaining in Functional JavaScript tutorial

Intro to Vue.js: Rendering, Directives, and Events tutorial
The first in an introductory series.
Sarah Drasner

Setting up an Angular 2 Development Environment tutorial
Prosper Otemuyiwa

Why Webpack 2's Tree Shaking Is Not As Effective As You Think opinion

10 Reasons Why I Moved From Angular to React opinion
Robin Wieruch

WebPack Is Not The Only Way (a.k.a. Introducing FuseBox) tools
FuseBox is a “new generation bundler and module loader”.
Feras Khoursheed

Lepton: A Desktop GitHub Gist Client Built on Electron tools node

Front-end ♥ npm; npm ♥ you tools
Unblock collaboration, quit reinventing the wheel, and build amazing things. Unleash the awesomeness, bring npm to work.
npm, Inc.  Sponsor

Between: ES6 Proxy-Based Animation Library Inspired by Cocoa code

Gibon: Functional UI Router in ~600 Bytes, Built on HTML5 History API code

Simple Statistics: Statistical Methods in Readable JavaScript code
Averages to variance to probabilities to Bayesian classification.
Tom MacWright

Preact-Starter: Webpack2 Boilerplate for Building SPA Apps with Preact code
Luke Edwards

dot.dom: Tiny (510 Byte) Template Engine That Uses Virtual DOM code
Ioannis Charalampidis

GWIS (Graphing Water Information System) Released by US Government code
A library developed for creating time-series plots of data measured at water flow sites.
United States Geological Survey