JavaScript Weekly
Issue 350 — September 1, 2017
A look at how V8 handles object properties. Worth a read to have a technical, under-the-hood idea of what’s going on in the V8 engine.
Camillo Bruni

An interesting accident. The bug report goes into more detail, including why it’s happening.

An intro to using functional programming concepts to work around the headaches of null checking and undefined objects.
Alex Young

Reduce time wasted debugging. Automatically capture errors in JavaScript apps. Rollbar detects when code breaks in real-time and provides full stack trace and diagnostic data to help you defeat JavaScript errors. Learn more.
Rollbar   Sponsor

What would it take to extend concurrency to the entire JavaScript heap? A WebKit engineer goes in-depth with some ideas.
Filip Pizlo

Calling itself a spiritual successor to request, r2 uses the Fetch API in the browser, and a shim for Node.
Mikeal Rogers

Microsoft’s typed JavaScript subset takes another step forward with mostly minor fixes and improvements such as optional ‘catch’ binding params and refactoring tools.

A look at the complexities and the process behind migrating a large CoffeeScript codebase to modern JavaScript.
Kevin Gao


In Brief

Watch the Nordic.js Livestream Next Week (Sep 7-8) news
If you can’t get to the conference, let it come to you. Speakers here.

JSConf Budapest Taking Place on Oct 26-27 in Budapest, Hungary news

The What, How, and Why of Using Higher-Order Components in React 
Not just for authentication systems, they deserve a significant place in your design pattern tool belt.
SitePen  Sponsor

JavaScript Scope and Closures: A Useful Primer/Explainer tutorial
Zell Liew

Writing Abstract Components with Vue.js tutorial
Joshua Bemenderfer

The 7-Step Process of Angular Router Navigation tutorial
Jurgen Van de Moere

Doing a 'FizzleFade' Effect using a Feistel Network in JS tutorial
Salvatore Sanfilippo

Preloading ngrx/store with Route Guards tutorial
Todd Motto

A Quick Overview of JS Iterables and Iterators tutorial
David Tang

Going From Callbacks to Using Async/await tutorial
Diogo Spínola

Build a secure chat web app with JavaScript, Auth0 and Pusher tutorial
Pusher  Sponsor

Measuring Performance Gains Going From Angular to React opinion
Gupta Garuda

Is Vanilla JavaScript Worth Learning? Absolutely. opinion
David Kopal

Why We Moved From Angular 2 to Vue.js (and Didn’t Choose React) opinion
Rever Score

The What, Why and How of async/await in JavaScript video
Fun Fun Function

Using Docker and Codeship for NodeJS Development 
Check out this free eBook by Codeship Dev Evangelist Kelly Andrews and learn how to use Docker and Codeship to develop and test a NodeJS app.
Codeship  Sponsor

Jest in Case: A Jest Utility for Creating Variations of the Same Test tools
GitHub repo.
James Kyle

Number Picture: React Components for Composing SVG Visualizations code
GitHub repo.
Finn Fitzsimons

Lozad: Performant Lazy Loading with the Intersection Observer API code
Apoorv Saxena

Push 1.0: A JavaScript Notification Framework code
A versatile cross-browser way to work with desktop notifications.
Tyler Nickerson