JavaScript Weekly
Issue 370 — January 26, 2018
The final release of the popular module bundler is due in a month to let plugin developers catch up, but you can play with it already. It’s faster, output is smaller, it’s taken a ‘zero config’ approach, and way more.
Sean T. Larkin

An overview of Web Workers, a way to run JavaScript in background threads in the browser, plus several use cases where they make a great choice.
Alexander Zlatkov

Automatically detect & diagnose JavaScript errors impacting your users with Bugsnag. Get comprehensive diagnostic reports, know immediately which errors are worth fixing, & debug in a fraction of the time compared to traditional tools. Try it free.
bugsnag   Sponsor

Seen the Wat talk? Scratching your head at the intriguing nature of JavaScript’s type system? Learn more here.
Abhinav Suri

An interesting project that involves using a projector and camera to scan and run physical ‘programs’ that you can literally edit ‘by hand’.
Jan Paul Posma

One company’s extensive set of guidelines covering ‘project level’ concerns like git, dependencies, environments, and API design.

Some interesting feature proposals that didn’t make it. One for the perpetually curious readers amongst you :-)
Kaelan Cooter

..and how to avoid them yourself. Spoiler: Most involve TypeError. The data behind this comes from the Rollbar error monitoring service.
Jason Skowronski

Yes, jQuery is still with us, and the addClass, removeClass, and toggleClass methods now accept an array of class names. (3.3.1 rapidly followed 3.3.0.)
Timmy Willison


In Brief

Promise.prototype.finally Now Stage 4 in TC39 Process news
Jordan Harband on Twitter

Nested Ternaries are Great tutorial
Those condition ? trueExp : falseExp type constructions.
Eric Elliott

5 Tips and Thoughts on Async / Await Functions tutorial
J Cole Morrison

How To Make a Drag-and-Drop File Uploader With Vanilla JS tutorial
A thorough walkthrough, as you’d expect from Smashing Magazine.
Joseph Zimmerman

Build Your First JavaScript, Android, or iOS App with MongoDB Stitch tutorial
Get started with the beta release of MongoDB's backend-as-a-service with step-by-step tutorials and sample apps.
MONGODB  Sponsor

Deep-Copying in JavaScript: Approaches to Copying Objects tutorial
Das Surma

HTML Templating with Vanilla ES2015 Template Literals tutorial
Ben Frain

7 Quick Techniques for ES6 Developers tutorial
Tal Bereznitskey

Functional Programming in JavaScript with Hyperapp tutorial
Hyperapp is a very lightweight library inspired by Elm.
Ali Spittel

eBook: TDD Best-Practices for JavaScript 
Codeship  Sponsor

Building Vue.js Apps with Parcel tutorial
Joshua Bemenderfer

Array.from() Accepts a Second Argument That.. tutorial
.. can be a mapping function
Addy Osmani on Twitter

JavaScript, The Bad Parts: A V8 Engineer's Perspective slidedeck
Benedikt Meurer

What's New in Chrome 64's DevTools in 3 Minutes video
Google Chrome Developers

TDD with Wallaby.js video
Or unit testing on steroids (make sure to watch till the end).
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

What’s New in Vue Devtools 4.0 tools
Guillaume Chau

D3 Discovery: Easily Find Plugins for D3.js tools
D3 is a powerful data visualization toolkit made even better with plugins.

Parcel 1.5 Released: Source Maps, WebAssembly, Rust, and More tools
It’s not just Webpack having all the fun :-)
Devon Govett

Scratches: An Elegant JavaScript Scratchpad tools
Electron-based and it evaluates as you type.
Paolo Fragomeni

Greenlet: Move An Async Function Into Its Own Thread code
A simplified single-function version of workerize.
Jason Miller

jsnes: A JavaScript NES Emulator code
Ben Firshman