JavaScript Weekly
Issue 371 — February 2, 2018
The feature set of ES2018, the next formal version of the underlying language that we eventually call JavaScript, was finalized at the latest TC39 meeting. Here's another code-driven roundup.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Firefox’s new JS debugger is pretty powerful, and will help you write fast, bug-free code.
Smashing Magazine

CORS is a mechanism that allows cross-origin HTTP requests (such as using XMLHTTPRequest or the Fetch API) using special server-side HTTP headers.
Bartosz Szczeciński

Start your next React project with confidence. Learn strategies for tooling, frontend and UX, testing and performance to boost your (and your team’s) productivity. Get your free copy.
Progress   Sponsor

We linked to the code a few weeks ago but now the CTO of Basecamp and creator of Ruby on Rails shares his vision for an alternative to single-page client-side MVC apps.
David Heinemeier Hansson

AngularJS (yes, not the more modern Angular) will get one more significant release, 1.7, and enter a 3 year LTS period on July 1.
Pete Bacon Darwin

Now in beta, the latest V8 (as will be in Chrome 65) supports streaming compilation for WebAssembly and has many array-oriented perf improvements that have a major impact.
Mathias Bynens

A key release packed with tweaks and new features, if you prefer your JavaScript with optional static types.


In Brief

How ECMAScript Regular Expressions Are Getting Better news
A look at new regex features both in ES2018 and being discussed at TC39 right now.
Mathias Bynens

Data Visualizations with InfluxDB: Integrating plotly.js tutorial
Visualize data with InfluxDB plotly.js, a JavaScript graphing library built on top of d3.js
InfluxData  Sponsor

Ways to Make Your Code Cleaner and Easier-to-Read with ES6 tutorial
Sam Williams

Optimizing Hash Tables: Hiding The Hash Code tutorial
A look at the recent improvements in how V8 v6.3+ stores the keys in hash tables.
Sathya Gunasekaran

Building a Modal Component with Vue.js tutorial
Filipa Lacerda

Asynchronous Reduce in JavaScript tutorial
Seva Zaikov

Airbnb's Extensive JavaScript Style Guide opinion
Not new, but continues to get updates and stars a-plenty.

Why You Should Choose Luxon for Date Wrangling in JavaScript opinion
Rad Devon

10 Things I Love About Vue opinion
Duncan Grant

Build a Modern Image Gallery with Vanilla ES6 video
Brad Traversy

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or Console.log 
Scratchpad/REPL right in your editor, running your code as you type (community edition is free as in beer).
Wallaby.js  Sponsor

React Scope: Visualize Your React Components Live tools
A Chrome extension for visualizing components, state and props.
Tiffany Lin

React Scope: Visualize Your React Components Live tools
Tiffany Lin

Glow: Make Flow's Errors Pretty-Printed and Syntax Highlighted tools
James Kyle

Save Time with the Best, Fastest Angular Spreadsheets & UI Components 
GrapeCity JavaScript Solutions  Sponsor

Sockette: A Tiny WebSocket Wrapper code
A 339 byte wrapper around WebSocket that auto reconnects if the connection drops.
Luke Edwards

xcell: A Libary to Manage Reactive Spreadsheet-Like Calculations code

ijk: Transforms Arrays Into Virtual DOM Trees code
If you prefer the Lisp approach of data as code..
Luke Jackson