#379 — March 30, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

What's New with V8 v6.6 — Due to be released with Chrome 66 in a few weeks, the latest version of the V8 JavaScript engine changes the behavior of Function.prototype.toString(), adds trimStart() and trimEnd() methods to strings, has improved code caching, major async and array performance improvements, and more.

The V8 Team

ES Modules: A Cartoon Deep-Dive — ES modules bring an official, standardized module system to JavaScript and once Firefox 60 is out (soon) it’ll be supported in all major browsers. But what do they entail?

Mozilla Hacks

New Course: From Fundamentals to Functional JavaScript, v2 😀 — Learn the techniques you need to write professional, modern JavaScript. This course starts with the basics and takes you to mastering key functional methods like map, reduce and filter ...plus promises and ES6+ asynchronous JavaScript.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Key Lessons from Google's JavaScript Style Guide — An attempt to extract some lessons from Google’s JavaScript style guide. These aren’t hard and fast rules but merely suggestions to make life easier.

Daniel Simmons

TensorFlow.js: WebGL-Accelerated Machine Learning in the Browser — If you’ve done any machine learning work, Tensorflow will have been on your radar and now it’s easily used from the browser too. Lots of demos and examples here.


TypeScript 2.8 Released — The typed JavaScript superset takes another step forward with support for conditional types, improved organization of imports in VS Code, and improved JSX support.


Redux, It's Not Dead Yet — One of Redux’s maintainers addresses recent ‘confusion, claims, and misinformation’ over Redux’s role and future.

Mark Erikson

The React Core Team's Update on the Development of Async Rendering — A thorough update on what they’ve learnt while building React’s newest asynchronous rendering features and what you can do to be prepared. If you like this, check out our React newsletter.

Brian Vaughn

The Status of JS Libraries and Frameworks: 2018 and Beyond — Thoughts, data and updates on React, Vue, Angular, Polymer, TypeScript and jQuery.

Jae Sung Park

Anatomy of JavaScript Source Maps 📃 — Ever wondered how JavaScript source maps work? Take a deep dive into the inner workings of source maps.

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💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Senior Software Engineer — Join our small team of engineers to make Slate.com (a digital magazine since 1996 with 30M hits per month) faster. Vue & Node.

Slate Magazine

JavaScript Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Create your profile and we’ll connect you with top companies looking for talented front-end developers.


📘 Tutorials

Using Web Workers for Safe, Concurrent JavaScript

Bruce Wilson

Using Chrome's New CSS Typed Object Model — A new feature that brings types, methods, and a flexible object model to working with CSS values from JavaScript.

Eric Bidelman

A Comprehensive Guide to JavaScript Design Patterns

Marko Misura

Angular 2+ Authentication: Protecting Private Content — The latest in a series of posts on building a CRUD app with Angular CLI.

Jurgen Van de Moere

How To Make Netflix-Like Swipers in Vue

Chris Nwamba

An Intro to Building Progressive Web Apps with Vue.js

Brandon Satrom

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or Console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and displays the results of expressions right in your editor as you type.

Wallaby.js sponsor

JavaScript in 14 Minutes — A gentle, interactive introduction to JavaScript. May not be useful to you but may be worth sharing with newcomers to programming or JS :-)

Jeremy Thomas

🔧 Code and Tools

Axe 3.0 Released: The Automated Accessibility Testing Library

Marcy Sutton

React 16.3.0 Released — More in this week’s React Status.

Brian Vaughn

Fix Production Bugs in Seconds with Sentry

Sentry sponsor

Task Easy: A Simple Priority Queue for Promises

Canaan Seaton

Nerv: A Fast IE8- and React 16-Compatible React Alternative

Li Weitao

11 JavaScript Machine Learning Libraries To Consider

Jonathan Saring

HotKeys.js: A Robust Library for Capturing Keyboard Input

Kenny Wong