#383 — April 27, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

TUI Calendar example

TUI Calendar: An Attractive, Full Featured Calendar Control — From the creators of TUI Chart comes TUI Calendar, a highly customizable JavaScript calendar widget that supports numerous view types (weekly, monthly, etc.), dragging and resizing of schedule items, and is basically like your own Google Calendar in a box. MIT licensed too.

NHN Entertainment

Node 10 Released: Node Weekly's Feature Roundup — Our sister newsletter Node Weekly featured this week’s Node 10 release in full, including a bulletpoint rundown of new features with useful links. In short: v8 6.6, N-API goes mainstream, OpenSSL 1.1, native async iteration, new regex features..

Node Weekly

Cheat Sheet: Functional Programming with JavaScript — JavaScript developers, here’s a handy resource for your reference stack. This cheat sheet structures some of the language features most commonly used by JavaScript developers interested in writing functional style code. Check it out.

Progress Kendo UI sponsor

Native-Like Animations for Page Transitions on the Web — A practical introduction to creating silky smooth, super slick transitions of entire pages from one layout to another, built around Vue.js. Live demo here.

Sarah Drasner

A Proposal for Adding Pattern Matching to ECMAScript — It’s currently at stage 0, but see what you think.

Ecma TC39

The New 'npm' CLI: A Year in Review (Or 'What You May Have Missed') — An easy to follow roundup of new npm features since 5.0 was released, including npx and npm ci. It’s worth brushing up on if you haven’t done so recently. There’s also a post about npm’s future (npm 7, specifically).

The npm Blog

Give Parcel a Try, You May Like It — Parcel suits many straightforward situations really well with minimal fuss, but webpack is more flexible with a vast ecosystem.

Michael Sholty

Writing WebAssembly By Hand — This is low level stuff but a really enjoyable dig about.

Colin Eberhardt

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer (NYC) — Hospitality/tech platform focused on building help into our homes. React, React Native, Node, TypeScript, PostgreSQL.

Hello Alfred

Front-End Developer at Viget (Boulder, CO / Durham, NC / Washington, DC Metro) — Collaborate with the best to build complex interfaces for everything from IOT products to big brand websites. Viget == variety!


Are You an Engineer in NY or SF? Know Your Worth, Check Out Woo.io — Create your discreet profile today and receive opportunities from top US companies who can pay you what you’re worth.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

A Beginner’s Guide to webpack 4 and Module Bundling — A beginner-friendly Webpack 4 tutorial.

Mark Brown

Gooact: Build a 'React' in 160 Lines of JavaScript — Learn by doing with this walkthrough of creating a simple React-a-like in a modest amount of code.

Paul Marlow

▶  Iterators in JavaScript — New FunFunFunction video about iterators in JavaScript, or how to iterate over anything with the for-of loop.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Choosing Cameras in JavaScript with the mediaDevices API

Phil Nash

How to Build a Vue.js App That Uses Axios and Vuex — Axios for the async HTTP requests and Vuex as the data store.

Siegfried Grimbeek

Functional Programming with Object Arrays — How to use map, filter, and reduce to manipulate arrays of objects, using techniques borrowed from functional programming.

Ed Charbeneau

A Complete Introduction to Async Functions and ES6 Modules in Node

David Herron

Strategy: Use TensorFlow.js in the Browser to Reduce Server Costs?

High Scalability

Last 2 Versions Harmful (for babel-preset-env)babel-preset-env lets Babel target the browsers of your choice, but don’t just blindly specify the last 2 versions..

Jamie Builds

eBook: Efficient Project Management for Small Engineering Teams — Learn how to build trust, buy-in, engagement, and professionalism with your engineers.

Codeship sponsor

🔧 Code and Tools

npm@6 Announced: Another Major Update to npm — Up to 17x faster than npm a year ago and focused on ‘security first’.

The npm Blog

Build your own webpack configs with this tool

A Tool to Create Personalized, Optimized webpack 4 Configurations

Jakob Lind

Storybook 3.4 Released: The UI Component Builder — Now supports React, React Native, Vue, Angular and Polymer.

Michael Shilman

Fix Production Bugs in Seconds with Sentry

Sentry sponsor

Tone.js: Create Interactive Music in the Browser — Advanced scheduling, synths and effects, and intuitive musical abstractions.

Yotam Mann

Day.js: A Fast 2KB Alternative to Moment.js (with compatible API) — Elegant date/time manipulation and parsing with the tradeoff being around timezones and locales..


CKEditor 5 v10 Released: A Powerful WYSIWYG Editor Framework — The first stable release of CKEditor 5. Now fully GPL 2+ licensed.

Piotr Koszuliński

TypeORM 0.2: A Powerful ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript — Supports Active Record and Data Mapper patterns and many databases.

Umed Khudoiberdiev node

And over on Reddit..

jQuery's 'data' Method Goes Haywire for the Name 'Infinity' — This is one of those “oh, weird!” items. Basically jQuery’s data method can see the string ‘Infinity’ and convert it to a number. Even more intriguingly, Paul Irish stepped in to take the blame :-) We love you Paul!