#397 — August 3, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

The Cost of JavaScript in 2018 — We linked the video of Addy’s talk a month ago, but now here’s the detailed write-up of Addy’s thoughts and findings on how much effect JavaScript has on page sizes and performance and some ways to improve matters.

Addy Osmani

TypeScript 3.0 Released — 3.0 has few breaking changes (meaning it should be very easy to upgrade) and introduces a new flexible, scalable way to structure your projects, powerful new support for operating on parameter lists, better JSX support, an overall better error UX, and more.


Application Stability Monitoring with Bugsnag — Bugsnag monitors application stability, so you can align priorities across product, dev, and ops using one objective metric. Set a stability target, and definitively know when to build new features or fix bugs to stabilize your app. Learn more.

Bugsnag sponsor

Fusion.js: A Plugin-Based Web Framework from Uber — Uber builds and maintains hundreds of Web apps, both internal and public, and Fusion.js is their answer to the challenges this presents. It comes with hot module reloading, data-aware server-side rendering, and bundle splitting out of the box.

Leo Horie

Removing Babel's Stage Presets“Moving forward with v7, we’ve decided it’s best to stop publishing the Stage presets in Babel (e.g. @babel/preset-stage-0).” If you’re a Babel user, you’ll appreciate this the explanation for this change.

Henry Zhu (Babel)

js13kGames: The HTML5 and JS Game Development Competition Is Back — Always a fun contest with some interesting results. You’re limited to 13KB for all code and assets. It runs August 13-September 13.

Andrzej Mazur

💻 Jobs

Build High Quality Open-Source at Uber (San Francisco) — As a Web Platform engineer at Uber, you'll be building the foundation for all web applications at Uber and beyond.


JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


Find A JavaScript Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with 4,000+ companies seeking top tech talent.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

'I Created The Exact Same App in React and Vue. Here Are The Differences.' — If you fancy a direct comparison between Vue and React, fill your boots here.

Sunil Sandhu

Vue.js Chat with AWS Lex on PubNub ChatEngine — How to build a Slack-like chat application using Vue.js and ChatEngine - global & private chat, and chatbots.

PubNub sponsor

Shuffle a Deck of Cards in Vue.js

Hassan Djirdeh

Building Interactive Bar Charts with D3.js

Máté Huszárik

Build a Simple CRUD App with ASP.NET Core 2.1 and Angular 6 — The latest ASP.NET Core includes a template to build an Angular 4 application, but what about Angular 6? Here’s how to do it.

Lee Brandt

A Checklist of 23 Node.js Security Best Practices — By far the most popular item from this week’s Node Weekly.

Yoni Goldberg, Kyle Martin and Bruno Scheufler

Whitepaper: Choosing Web Application Libraries in an Open Source World — Building web apps? Read this whitepaper to learn top considerations for choosing your technology stack.

Sencha, Inc sponsor

How One Line of JavaScript Made FT.com 10 Times Slower — Lots of deep cloning with JSON.parse and JSON.stringify.

Arjun Gadhia

🔧 Code and Tools

ApexCharts: A(nother) JavaScript Chart Library — Hats off to its creator who has written an article about why we need yet another chart library. It does sparklines, gauges, and heatmaps too.

Juned Chhipa

Between.js: Lightweight JavaScript Tweening LibraryDemos here.

Alexander Buzin

MongoDB 4.0 Is Now Generally Available. Try It Now on MongoDB Atlas

MONGODB sponsor

7 JavaScript EEG Mind Reading Libraries for 2018 — Not something you often associate with JavaScript, but yes, you can explore brain signals from JS.

Gilad Shoham

Netlify CMS 2.0 Launches with Bitbucket Support and a New Monorepo Architecture


Introducing SpaceAce, A New Kind of Front-End State Library

Jon Abrams

Vue 2.5.17 Released — Only a minor point release, but the first in a few months.

Taskbook: Command-Line Tasks, Boards and Notes Manager — Manage lists and tasks right from the terminal.

Klaus Sinani

FormStorage: Keep Form Data Stored Locally After Submission


📅 Some Forthcoming JavaScript Events

JSCamp 2018 (September 22 in Chicago, IL) — A one day single track JS event taking place soon.

JSCamp Chicago

JS Interactive (October 10-12 in Vancouver, Canada) — One of the largest JavaScript events. Organized by The Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation

JSMobileConf (October 25-26 in Boston, MA) — Already an impressive roster of speakers for this event with a focus on mobile, app, and IoT uses for JavaScript.


JSConf Hawaiʻi (February 7-9, 2019 in Honolulu)


We're thinking of adding a permanent events section to JavaScript Weekly in future, so if you have an event you want to have listed, hit reply and let us know.