#398 — August 10, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

Electron Fiddle: A Playground for Electron Experiments — Want to quickly experiment with Electron (a cross-platform JS desktop app environment) development? Electron Fiddle is a downloadable cross-platform app that makes it easy. Downloads here.

Felix Rieseberg

Pts: A Library for Visualization and Creative Coding — An impressive, lightweight and modular library, written in TypeScript and compiled to ES6. Plenty of demos to play around with.

William Ngan

🔨 JavaScript: The 'New' Hard Parts — In this new course, you'll develop an intuitive understanding of the new features of JavaScript in ES6+: iterators, generators, promises, and async/await. Go under the hood of async JS and learn to solve complex async challenges with ease.

Frontend Masters sponsor

How to Deal with Dirty Side Effects in Your Pure Functional JavaScript“A pure function is a function that has no side effects. But if you know anything about programming, you know that side effects are the whole point.”

James Sinclair

Getting Alexa to Respond to Sign Language Using a Webcam and TensorFlow.js — A look at the underlying tech behind a proof of concept to get an Amazon Echo to respond to sign language, plus how the system was built using TensorFlow.js. Live demo here.

Abhishek Singh

First Babel 7.0 Release Candidates AvailablePlanning for 7.0 and Nearing the 7.0 Release will bring you up to date with what’s new in this long awaited released.


Vue CLI 3.0 Released — Vue CLI provides the standard build toolchain for Vue applications and this new version is a rewrite that uses pre-configured webpack features, ES2017 transpilation, and PostCSS out of the box.

Evan You

V8 Version 6.9: An Efficiency and Performance Release — Features reduced memory usage through embedded built-ins, faster WebAssembly startup through the new Liftoff compiler, better DataView and WeakMap performance, and more.

Mathias Bynens

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer (NYC) — Learn from the best and lead by example. Do your finest work, with purpose, freedom, and a great community.


Frontend Engineer in Fast-Growing FinTech Start-up in Munich — Help building, running & deploying our SSR React, GraphQL, D3 frontend stack.

Scalable Capital

Find A JavaScript Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with 4,000+ companies seeking top tech talent.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Hello WebAssembly — An introductory yet low-level introduction to WebAssembly.

Casper Beyer

Building a Long Press Directive in Vue

Obaseki Nosa

Full Stack Essentials with React: Bootcamp — It’s immersive. It’s Intense. It’s Oct 15-19. Few seats remain.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Turning an Angular 6 App Into a Progressive Web App — How to add PWA capabilities to your Angular 6 app.

Yassine Benabbas

Variable Scope in Modern JavaScript — Examples to show how global, local and block scopes work.

Andy Carter

Tips for Creating a 13KB JavaScript Game in 30 Days — We linked to the contest last week, but GitHub has shared some tips and techniques to make the most of the 13KB limitation. It starts on Monday.

Lee Reilly (GitHub)

A Quick Guide to Mocha Testing — Want to write and run tests for your JavaScript code with Mocha? Start here.

Glad Chinda

The PRPL Pattern for Progressive Web Apps using Angular 6+ — A primer on PRPL (which stands for Push, Render, Pre-cache, and Lazy-load) — this pattern is a relatively new technique used for building PWAs.

Vlado Tesanovic

Write Complex Languages. Online & Evening M.S. Software Engineering Program

Regis University sponsor

▶  Five Ways to Be A Happier JavaScript Developer — How to deal with the language and its ecosystem now without repeating the mistakes of the past.

Christian Heilmann

Why Ember? — A quick look at where Ember can provide value to your workflow.

Melanie Sumner

🔧 Code and Tools

Angular Console: A UI for the Angular CLI — There’s also a blog post with the rationale.

Narwhal Technologies

Angular 7 Beta 0 Released: What's To Come for Angular 7?

Valentyn Yakymenko

Catch JavaScript Errors Before Users Do — Detect JavaScript errors in real-time, then debug them in minutes. Works with Node, React, Angular, and more.

ROLLBAR sponsor

Azure CosmosDB JavaScript SDK 2.0 Now in Public Preview — Features a new object model and introduces support for promises for working with Azure’s multi-model database service. Here’s the repo.

Deborah Chen (Microsoft)

Dumper.js: A Pretty Variable Inspector for Node — Ideal for ‘print-style’ debugging.

Zeeshan Ahmed

Franc: Detect a Text's Natural Language from JavaScript — Even in the browser. Demo here (keep refreshing the page). Supports up to 402 languages.

Titus Wormer

SuperSlide.js: A Smooth, GPU Accelerated Sliding Menu for Your Next PWA

OSREC Technologies

Xterm.js: A Terminal Component for the Front End — Now used in lots of projects like VS Code, cPanel and Azure Cloud Shell.