#410 — November 2, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

An Annotated webpack 4 Config for Frontend Development — A very thorough example of a real-world production webpack 4 config that takes modules, CSS, and image optimization into account.

Andrew Welch

Storybook 4.0: The UI Component Workshop — A great tool for building UI components gets a major update which includes support for webpack 4 & Babel 7, React Native, Ember, Svelte, Riot, and more, plus improvements for existing React, Vue and Angular users. If you’re not familiar with Storybook, learn more here.

Michael Shilman

Planning an Angular Application: Whitepaper — Angular devs—take a look at this checklist of things to consider when planning your next Angular app. Make an informed decision about tooling choices during development all the way through to deployment. Get your free copy today.

Progress Kendo UI sponsor

The Evolution of Async JavaScript — A practical break down of the pros and cons of three common JavaScript mechanisms: callbacks, promises, and async/await, along with their significance and progression from a historical context.

Tyler McGinnis

Real Talk JavaScript: A New(ish) JavaScript Podcast — Now at five episodes old, we thought it was time to mention this neat podcast hosted by John Papa, Ward Bell, and Dan Wahlin. Episodes so far cover topics like thriving in OSS, scaling React, and D3.

Real Talk JavaScript

Could We Eventually Use JavaScript with AMP? — AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) removes the ability to use JavaScript in order to improve performance, but there’s now a project looking at a way to provide a constrained environment for JavaScript to render things like interactive UI components within an AMP page.

AMP Project

Carlo: Chrome as a 'Web Rendering Surface' for Node Apps — Uses Puppeteer to communicate between a Node app and an existing, locally installed Chrome instance.

Google Chrome Labs

💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

The Forgotten History of OOP

Eric Elliott

Learn to Build a Simple Progressive Web App with Angular and Lighthouse — A step-by-step guide to building a Hacker News clone PWA using Angular and Lighthouse.

Aman Mittal

Integrate Video Calling Directly in a Chat App with WebRTC — Allow users to initiate video chats right in any chat app with WebRTC and ChatEngine.

PubNub sponsor

A Simple Intro to React Hooks — Learn how React’s new Hooks feature works, and how Hooks can make your code cleaner and easier to write.

Dave Ceddia

A Look at V8 Release Version 7.1 — A look at some of the highlights of the 7.1 release (in beta until Chrome 71 Stable arrives).

V8 Project

Copying Objects in JavaScript — In both shallow and deep ways.

Victor Parmar

Getting Started with Vue Plugins

Francis Cote

Navigating the Spooky World of JavaScript — With the amount of change going on in the JavaScript world, how can we navigate its ecosystem and make the best decisions on what tools to use?

Ali Spittel

A Personal Review of Automated Testing Tools in the JavaScript World

Walmyr Filho

🔧 Code and Tools

three.js r98 Released: The JavaScript 3D Library — The HTML5 Canvas renderer has been removed as WebGL support is now so widespread. There’s also lots to enjoy on the examples page.

Ricardo 'mr doob' Cabello

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and displays the results of expressions right in your editor as you type.

Wallaby.js sponsor

simple-keyboard: A Slick Virtual JavaScript Keyboard for the Web — Very smooth and easy to customize.

Francisco Hodge

Howler.js: JavaScript Audio Library for the Modern Web

James Simpson

randexp.js: Create Random Strings That Match a Given Regular Expression — For example /hello+ (world|to you)/ could generate hellooooooo world.


A Minimalist Dark Design System for Vue.js — Love the description of “components designed for the insomniacs who enjoy dark interfaces as much as we do.”

Nada Rifki and Julien Le Coupanec

Easily Integrate Ext JS Components into React Apps - View Examples

SENCHA sponsor

Dinero.js: Immutable, Chainable API to Work with Monetary Values

Sarah Dayan

Ervy: ASCII Bar, Pie, and Other Charts on the Terminal


simplebar: A Vanilla JavaScript Library for Custom Scrollbars

Adrien Denat